The Happening

Yesterday my best lady friend had the spontanious idea to rent a movie. We decided to rent M. Night Shayamalan’s „The Happening“. Even though I knew what the movie was about, I agreed with her. Shayamalan did some great movies. „The Village“ is not among his better movies but I had seen „The Lady in the Water“ recently and I really loved it. „Unbreakable“ even is one of my favorite movies of all time because of its superhero comic like story. OK when you still wanna watch it and don‘t want to be spoiled don‘t read on. Otherwise follow this link -->

First of all the movie starts with people killing themselves. The first scenes show a woman stabbing herself with a hair needle and construction workers jumping off a sky scaper in construction. All around New York people start to kill themselves. Then we see one of the biggest actors in the world (*haha*) Mark Wahlberg who plays a teacher that likes to play tricks on the principal. The students all like him because he is a funny bone. All teachers get informed about the situation. The teacher decides to fly together with his wife and his brother in law’s family. Only if I got that right. The brother in law is played by John Leguizamo that also played Luigi in the Super Mario Bros. movie. Maybe he was also only a friend of the family. I don‘t get it cause the movie already bored me to hell at the beginning. Anyway the rest of the movie is a pain in the balls!

They find out that the plants create a toxic gas or something that makes human kill themselves. The more people are walking in a wood or on a meadow the faster the grass and trees and bushes create this gas. Instead of avoiding walking in those areas the are actually walking in them. They are running from the wind in a big grass field. But how should the movie explain – and I am not starting any explosions like the Nostalgia Critic (he remembers so we don‘t have to) always does – that they are in this areas: Well, they are on the train leaving New York, suddenly the train stops, everybody has to leave it and all the ticket inspectors have no idea why they have stopped there. EXPLAIN MOVIE!

The movie show 2 scenes that were quite unnecessary. First of all the people „just“ shot themselves or jumped of buildings. There was a scene in a zoo where a man stood in a lion cage letting the lions rip his arms off. Another scene shows how a man lies down on the grass and let a big lawn mawer drive over him.

Then the teacher, his wife and the daughter of Luigi (who already is dead at this point of the story) arrive on a farm. On this farm lives an old, creepy, paranoid woman. She gets poisened by the gas and starts to hunt the little family. She eventually dies and our friends hide in two small rooms connected by a speaking tube. The teacher and his wife are talking about their relationship and how they could solve their problems. The teacher leaves his room and gets out of it, bringing himself in terrible danger because the plants could easily kill him now. They meet in the middle of the field and are a happy family. The gas is gone and three months later everything starts to happen in Europe again.

The movie was boring and pointless. It actually is the worst Shayamalan movie, even worse than „The Village“. „The Village“ at least made you think that you understood what the movie was about and then it turned in a complete different direction. I was dissapointed about the ending of „The Village“ but the movie itself was OK. „The Happening“ was not OK. And I don‘t wanna say another word about it.

And if something like this would happen in reality, we can send some Zombies against the plants!!!

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