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Mainstream music got me!!

I have to confess… I fell in love with two songs from the charts. OMG, I don‘t wanna say it, I‘m so ashamed… OK…

It’s the official song to the latest Til Schweiger movie „Zweiohrkücken“ (Twoearchickies). Til Schweiger… you know… he was in „Tomb Raider“. And „Inglorious Basterds“. OK, maybe he is one of the worst German actors… Everytime he says anything you can‘t understand a single word!!!

And the other one… I don‘t wanna say either… don‘t force me!!! NOOOO. OK OK OK OK I DO.

Owl City created an awesome electro pop song. I always cheer when it gets played on the radio. I think this two songs are acceptable, even for an underground fanatic like mw ;)

Follow the little FIREFLY!!! I like it!

Perry Rhodan

I have to admit that I know Perry Rhodan since I was a twerp but actually never read any of the books. My grandfather always brought tons of them and other „pulp fiction“ books from the flea market and read them in his small break after lunch. I never was into Perry Rhodan. My grandpa always told us about the crazy stories when astronauts were changed into mice and so on. Unfortunatly my grandma dumped all of them when my grandpa died some years ago… Yesterday I got curious and wanted to know what is so damned special about Perry Rhodan. I mean they broke the 2500 issue limit last summer. (read on…)

Diz iz soooooooo kjoot!


I‘m in the Japanese Wikipedia o.O




RPM2010 – The Final Results

Oh boy, RPM2010 is finally over. Luckily I saved some energy before February and I didn‘t make some mistakes I made last year. First of all I didn‘t create the artwork myself. I asked Martin Schemitsch to draw it. That was the best idea I ever had. Then I also didn‘t participate in the WinterChip project of BattleOfTheBits that also takes place in February. Last year I joined many project besides RPM2009 which took away a lot time. Of course all my tracks I made for other projects are on the RPM2009 album, too. (read on…)

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