Paranormal Activity

I don‘t wanna make this blog to a movie critic page but I regularly see movies I don‘t like. Just because they are stupid. On Tuesday we rent „Paranormal Activity“. OK, what is the movie about?! First of all it is one of those cam-corder movies. Like „Blair Witch Project“, „Cloverfield“ and my parents‘ wedding VHS… Funny nerd-fact btw: When you have the Making-Of of „Pulp Fiction“ you can hear Bruce Willis say that some day somebody will earn much money with cam-corder movies.

Anyways, there is a young couple, he is a broker, she is a stundent and fat. They live in a house with much too many rooms, we always asked why they needed so many rooms? There were only three persons in this house, he, she and the demon :) They move together and he wants to film their first days together in this house.

Well, she is afraid that there could be super natural things haunting her. She had some weird experiences. For no reason, her families house burned down when she was 8. I would call it a pyromaniac, but she calls it ghosts. In the nights they hear wicked noises and on the next days they always see that somebody has moved in the house, because they tape like everything on video. They try a lot to find out what’s going on. He always wants to use a ouija but she wants him not to buy one. So he borrows it from a friend. Hey boy, you are very smart… She gets pulled out of her bed and bitten by the „demon“.

OK… I don‘t wanna tell more because there actually wasn‘t a lot that happened. Just noises and sudden movements. In the end, she steps out off the bed, stands there for some hours, kills her boyfriend and screams into the camera.

My theory: Mutant Raccoons. They are famous for having anger management problems. Just imagine Mr Mutant Raccoon and Mrs Mutant Raccoon living aside a beautiful, much too big house. Suddenly a couple moves into this house and disturbs their sleep. Mr Mutant Raccoon gets really angry, enters the house, runs around, knocks against walls and screams. You have to know that Mutant Raccoons are able to make themselves invisible and they are like 200 pounds heavy (with a size of only a few centimeters). But the couple doesn‘t move out so Mr Mutant Raccoon pulls her out of the bed and bites fatty in her ham. She gets rabies, kills her boyfriend. THE END

That’s it. Next week I will explain what really happened in „Independance Day“ just with Mutant Raccoons!!!

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2 Antworten auf “Paranormal Activity”

  1. 1 DEDan 15. April 2010 um 8:43 Uhr

    Мне понравился фильм. Он был даже страшнее, чем „Карантин“. :)
    I liked this movie. It was even worse than „Quarantine.“ :)

  2. 2 thomasd 15. April 2010 um 10:38 Uhr

    „mutant raccoons“ :D

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