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The History of the Power Rangers

You know, I love the Power Rangers since I was like 6 years old. I watched every season when it was broadcast for the first time. Then suddenly the TV channel moved it to a really early spot. It was broadcast at about 6 am. I mean, even if I would have been allowed to watch TV that early, I‘d prefered to sleep on a Saturday. So I lost the Power Rangers for some years. I guess „Time Force“ was the last season I saw when it was broadcast first. Then, like 10 years ago, there was a small regional TV channel that brought all, and I repeat, ALL seasons of Power Rangers so far. 2 episodes each evening, perfectly!! I saw all the classics and some really new seasons I had missed like „Wild Force“, „Lightspeed Rescue“ and so on. Awesome, that brought back my PR fandomness (I know, I just made this word up). Anyways, then there was the news that some new seasons were coming towards Germany, so I followed the series again.

There was another Ninja season („Ninja Force“) and the awesome „Dino Thunder“ that even brought back Tommy!!! But my personal climax was reached with „Power Ranger Space Police Delta“ or just „SPD“. Actually still my favorite season of Power Rangers.

But I lost interest again. „Mystical Force“ was a pole of shit compared to the previously season, so I stopped following the Power Rangers again. I totally I already had read about the last season „RPM“ to the time of „Mystic Force“. I think it is currently running on German TV. So looking back I am a fan of Power Rangers for almost 20 years now. I even totally missed „Jungly Fury“, the season before.

Linkara, part of the ThatGuyWithTheGlasses collective, recently started a complete review-history of all Power Rangers seasons. He already proceeded to „Turbo“, including the introduction he already released 6 episodes. Many of them are up to 40 minutes long and he did a really great job to bring back all this childhood memories to my head!!!


20 Mal auf und 20 Mal ab!


Donald Duck in the Netherlands

Yesterday, some friends and I drove over to Enschede. Actually my favorite Dutch city. We wanted to buy some clothes for my best lady friends daughter. The girl was a brat this day, I mean she is two years old… but it was annoying though… Anyways, in the end we checked in a super market to get some candy and stuff like this for the night. I was driving around with the buggy and the little brat inside and just took a quick look into the shelf with the magazines. While that the brat was screaming „Obamabaum, Obamabaum“ which has nothing to do with President Barack Obama but means „Oh Tannenbaum“ („Oh Christmastree“). She must have thought it was Christmas again. (read on…)

Childhood Memories: Cartoon Allstars

Nostalgia Critic has just pulled back a childhood memory. „Cartoon Stars to the Rescue“ actually always frightened me a little bit when I saw it. There is one scene when this drug-ghost spins into the camera and just is a skull of smoke. I was afraid of this scene. Fortunatly it helped me to stay away from drugs the last 25 years… or most of it… *cough* I have to check if this movie is available on DVD somewhere. I mean, I can understand the Nostalgia Critic. Normally a mash-up of the most different cartoon characters is a good thing. But the topic they are talking about is quite weird. Drugs… anyways, don‘t take drugs, watch this Nostalgia Critic Classic. Maybe you even know the cartoon he is talking about ;)

Follow the little red UFO!!!

Pixelmod’s Stern.Fucking.Zeit @ bitte8bit

One of our best artists at Pixelmod Records SFZ got their own topic show at bitte8bit, THE Austrian radio show about chipmusic and stuff. I posted a lot of stuff here bout bitte8bit recently. I think hope you remember ;)


New 8bit bEtty tracks

I love 8bit bEtty. Actually he was one of the first chip artists I ever heard like 5 years ago. Now he has posted 2 new tracks. Just listen to them, they are awesome. Typically 8bit bEtty!!!!

Follow the little red UFO!!!

Art Science Bachelor Project

Today I was surprised to receive a readers mail. It told me that my song „Dancing Brainless“ from my RPM2009 album „Stock Music“ was used in a short movie. This short movie was the Bachelor work of Kathrin Fricke. Hooray for the web 2.0 I even found lots of information about her: COLDMIRRORONI. Anyways… I‘m really proud of that. Kathrin didn‘t asked me for permission, which thanks to the CCs of course isn‘t even neccassary. But it would have been nice. The movie was posted on Youtube in mid of March and now it is already May… But I‘m writing and writing. You wanna see the movie??? Maybe I should tell you what it is about cause it is in German. It reminded me a little bit of „A Gamers Day“ that came up like 5 years ago. Argh… just watch it. I‘m too confused ;) My track starts at ~ 1:40 min.

Super Mario Crossover

And another Flash-Game that atrracted my attention. In „Super Mario Crossover“ you can play the orginal Super Mario Bros. Levels with lots of classic NES characters such as Link from Zelda, Samus Aran from Metroid, Simon from Castlevania and Megaman from… Pokémon… erm… Megaman. The game is around for a longer time but you know, for me it takes some time to like things enough to post‘em on this blog.

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