Donald Duck in the Netherlands

Yesterday, some friends and I drove over to Enschede. Actually my favorite Dutch city. We wanted to buy some clothes for my best lady friends daughter. The girl was a brat this day, I mean she is two years old… but it was annoying though… Anyways, in the end we checked in a super market to get some candy and stuff like this for the night. I was driving around with the buggy and the little brat inside and just took a quick look into the shelf with the magazines. While that the brat was screaming „Obamabaum, Obamabaum“ which has nothing to do with President Barack Obama but means „Oh Tannenbaum“ („Oh Christmastree“). She must have thought it was Christmas again.

I found the beloved Donald Duck magazine. You know, in the Netherland they seem to have any Micky Mouse magazine like us in Germany. They have the „Donald Duck“ and the „Donald Duck Extra“. The first look was quite familar for me. The covers of the German „Donald Duck Sonderheft“ get imported from the Netherlands so of course the drawing style immediatly attracted me. I just took some quick looks into the comic books. They were in Dutch of course so I were not able to read everything. I f you can speak some English, you can guess a lot as a German. But it is really exhausting and you can‘t never be sure.

Well, I left them there but I found the prices really nice. They both were about 2.50 €, which is quite cheap for a comic magazine. OK, our German DDSH is only 2.95 €, but the Donald Duck magazine comes weekly almost like our Micky Maus Magazin which comes bi-weekly, and the „Donald Duck Extra“ comes monthly like the DDSH. I did not look carefully, so I can‘t remember exactly if there were any Mickey comics in one of the magazine. If so, I guess only in the Donald Duck magazine.

Well, it nice that so many countries have understood that Mickey is a stupid ass-plug and Donald and Scrooge are the best characters in the Disney comic universe.

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