The History of the Power Rangers

You know, I love the Power Rangers since I was like 6 years old. I watched every season when it was broadcast for the first time. Then suddenly the TV channel moved it to a really early spot. It was broadcast at about 6 am. I mean, even if I would have been allowed to watch TV that early, I‘d prefered to sleep on a Saturday. So I lost the Power Rangers for some years. I guess „Time Force“ was the last season I saw when it was broadcast first. Then, like 10 years ago, there was a small regional TV channel that brought all, and I repeat, ALL seasons of Power Rangers so far. 2 episodes each evening, perfectly!! I saw all the classics and some really new seasons I had missed like „Wild Force“, „Lightspeed Rescue“ and so on. Awesome, that brought back my PR fandomness (I know, I just made this word up). Anyways, then there was the news that some new seasons were coming towards Germany, so I followed the series again.

There was another Ninja season („Ninja Force“) and the awesome „Dino Thunder“ that even brought back Tommy!!! But my personal climax was reached with „Power Ranger Space Police Delta“ or just „SPD“. Actually still my favorite season of Power Rangers.

But I lost interest again. „Mystical Force“ was a pole of shit compared to the previously season, so I stopped following the Power Rangers again. I totally I already had read about the last season „RPM“ to the time of „Mystic Force“. I think it is currently running on German TV. So looking back I am a fan of Power Rangers for almost 20 years now. I even totally missed „Jungly Fury“, the season before.

Linkara, part of the ThatGuyWithTheGlasses collective, recently started a complete review-history of all Power Rangers seasons. He already proceeded to „Turbo“, including the introduction he already released 6 episodes. Many of them are up to 40 minutes long and he did a really great job to bring back all this childhood memories to my head!!!


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