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Pop Squeek Cool

I loved the Chipmunks back in the day. I unfortunatly still haven‘t seen the two CGI movies that came up recently. I just found that they produced some Chipettes and Chipmunk cover versions of current pop hits. Here’s what I found on Youtube!!!

This one ROCKS!!!

Just Youtube the rest yourself!!!

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I guess somebody was wrong!

As we all know Nintendo’s gonna release a new Kid Icarus game on the 3DS. So here’s the classic Kid Icarus game for the NES reviewed by LordKat. And his thought of Nintendo never ever release a KI game again was busted by our Japanese friends just some days after the release of this review. I LIKE!!!

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Up on Melancholy Hill there’s a plastic tree

The new Gorillaz album really kicks ass. Today they released their latest video. You know I have a theory on Noodle. Well, she seems to have died in the video „El Manana“ and Murdoc reconstructed her as a cyborg. But in this video we see a female, Japanese origined character with a mask. THIS IS THE ORIGINAL NOODLE!! The cyborg version of her is featured in this video, too. Unfortunatly she is portrayed in her CGI look of the „Stylo“ video.

You wanna see the video?

I‘d like to watch it on Youtube but due to the fact, that all EMI stuff is blocked for Germany, we have to use the official site: There you‘ll find links to all kind of video sources and stuff. I only embed this cover version of „On Melancholy Hill“, which I really like!

I‘m curious what happens next time in the Gorillaz Universe!

Follow the superfast JELLYFISH!!!

How to travel to Berlin…

Last year I spent more than 100 Euros just for my train tickets to Berlin and back home. This year I‘m gonna make it a bit differently: I checked a hitchhiker website and on the day I want to arrive in Berlin (July 30th) somebody is actually going to drive to Berlin. The good thing: He will start at the train station which is just 5 minutes by foot from my apartment. The best thing: On Sunday (August 1st) he’s gonna drive back!!! I already sent him a message and I hope that he wants to take me with him!!! It is really cheap. For both rides I will pay only 50 €!!!!!!!! THAT‘S AWESOME!!! So I‘ll have enough money for Berlin! And beer! And women! … OK no women… BUT BEER!!!!!

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