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Aah, the Sesame Street, or Sesamstraße as it is called in Germany. One of the first TV-shows I ever watched, besides Die Sendung mit der Maus. Some weeks ago, I saw the Dutch version of it, called Sesamstraat, on Dutch TV. You know, here in Western Germany we receive some Dutch TV channels via cable TV. And via sat you can watch them all I guess… Anyways, there are so many different international versions of the Sesame Street. Of course I did know that there was a Dutch version, but I had never seen it before. I was curious and watched a complete episode. (read on…)

Scott Pilgrim vs. Me

It’s amazing. Some months ago I only knew that there was a comic book series called „Scott Pilgrim“. I saw the cover artwork and thought ‚‘what sort of mist is that here?'‘ (that was Denglish for ‚‘WTF'‘). I read that the topic was more recommended for young adults and the picture looked like a kids drawing. OK, besides the drawing style, Scott Pilgrim really is a great comic book, I haven‘t read all issues yet, I guess one is even still to be released in the USA. But it was awesome. At the same time I heard that somebody was making a live-action movie of this comic book. I was unsure if this was a good idea. Many comic book movies beside the ‚‘normal'‘ superhero movies sucked. I was afraid that this movie was going in the same direction. I mean, I haven‘t seen it yet, I wanna. But the movie starts ridiculously late here in Germany. It will be in theaters in January… JANUARY… That is like 4 months from now. Normally I don‘t like importing stuff. It is complicated and most of the time expensive. But this time, I will import the American DVD as soon as it is released. I wanna own this movie. I could watch it online but it would not be the same.

And then, suddenly this morning, I heard that Anamanaguchi, one of my favorite chipmusic bands have written and performed the soundtrack for the upcoming videogame for Playstation and XBox360… ANAMANAGUCHI, seriously I‘m proud of beeing able to write this band name down without a typo. How awesome is this??? This is the first time I see that a chipmusic band is doing a thing that huge. I always dream of beeing asked doing a thing at least 1/4 as big as this. Oh boy… Nice dream, but dreams are schemes… Träume sind Schäume… and when it happens, it happens. And if not, then not ;)

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Blog Blog Blog Blog

I don‘t think that I have many regular readers. Thanks to everybodies lack of interest for anonymity I know quite exactly were my readers are from, which page they visited before and so on. Everything recorded by the Blogcounter you can see on the right side of the blog. Well, but most important for me is how many readers come to my blog. And the daily numbers increase and increase. Some weeks ago I was happy if at lest 10 people visited my blog. And now… Just have a look at the picture below. It shows how many people visited The MM Project each day this month.

I activated a status mail service that sends me a mail whenenver another 100 people have visited my blog. Of course, about 2700 people don‘t seem much, but it is OK for now. I would love if more people would come and read the mindf**k I produce here. Maybe I even only have to find the right topic to write about. On Monday I wrote about Prince and immediatly the numbers of readers increased (see image). I dunno… maybe I should start writing about more popular topics like… Tokio Hotel, Pokémon, worn underwear of female Japanese highschool students… stuff like this. But at the moment I‘m writing about stuff I like and it seems to attract enough people. Keep commenting my thoughts, keep reading, tell everybody to read this blog and…

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Loveparade – About Media and People

I guess you all heard about what happened in Duisburg last weekend. For those who haven‘t: 20 people died at the Loveparade because of bad security conditions. I don‘t wanna talk about what happened in detail, I wasn‘t there. A collegue of mine was and she told me that she didn‘t notice anything about the mass panic. Well, I wanna talk about what the media has made of this event and what might have lead to it! (read on…)

Micromusic Get Together #2 Canceled (for me)

It is sad but I had to cancel my participation in the second and unfortunatly last Micromusic Get Together in Berlin. My life was a total mess the past weeks and I have to manage some things before I can spend time and money on such big things. Believe me, I would love going to Berlin this weekend. Yes, it would have been this weekend. Last year was so awesome and this year will be even more awesome. I‘m sure. But I won‘t be there. Neither as an artist, nor as a visitor.

I‘m not very pleased with this. I was so much looking forward to MMG#2 the last year. Ever since I returned from Berlin last year. This time they are doing it in 2 nights to give all performing artists enough time. But the fact that I‘m not there, is no reason for you not going there!!! Here’s the program: GETTOGETHERONI

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Prince – 20Ten

There’s actually not that much to say about this album… Except for. IT ROCKS! I haven‘t bought a Prince album for a time so I was curious how he sounded in 2010. Awesome. Electro, Techno and Pop mixed with Soul, R‘n'B and Funk. There is no dust left in my speakers. I bought the Rolling Stone magazine containing the CD on Saturday and since then I heard the album ’bout 10 times or so. I love it. It is worth the money it has not cost. First I was afraid that it would become hard to get an issue of the Rolling Stone. But it was easy. Seems that there are not THAT many Prince fans. Anyways, I‘m happy that I have this album. It was cheap, the music is awesome and Prince is an artist I really do respect.

I have to think of a story that was told in „Chapelle’s Show“. Charlie Murphy, the brother of Eddy Murphy, always told stories there. One story was about how he got ass-kicked in a basketball match by Prince. After the match, Prince made them pancakes!!! PANCAKES. FREAKING PANCAKES!!! ARGH! Imagine somebody challenges you in basketball, kicks your ass and makes you pancakes. And it is Prince. One of the best musical artists on earth. And I mean, he made the pancakes and not one of his cooks.

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Hey, Mr. Tentacle Guy!

You know, I am a retro gamer. I don‘t care about modern videogame console. They are expensive and the games suck. I don‘t have much money and there are 30 years of gaming I already missed. One thing I always to catch up was „Day of the Tentacle“. I often tried to play the original „Maniac Mansion“ but always stopped because of the VERY oldschool mechanics of the game. Of course I played through the remake „Maniac Mansion DX“ but just for the cameo appearance of the GIGA//Games crew. As far as I remember they are in this remake… I may be wrong…

Anyways. On Friday I sneaked through the second hand store that’s part of our company and that is right next to our office. I browsed through the computer games and found a copy of „Day of the Tentacle“. As an employee I got the CD for free, otherwise it had cost like 50 cent or so. Later at home I put it into my PC, started ScummVM and got blasted by the probably best adventure game I played so far. Awesome graphics and animations, perfect voice dubbing, jokes that made me rolling over the floor laughing. I don‘t know why it had took so long until I found this pearl of a computer game. I‘m not fully done with it, I guess I‘m about 3/4 round the game.

LucasArts‘ adventures always were a part of my gaming life. „Sam & Max: Hit the Road“ even was one of the first adventures I played. Of course I checked out the new episodes of the police dog and the freaky rabbit, I played the first part of the first season but it was weird to see the beloved 2D character in 3D… I don‘t know. I‘m not that much into games in 3D.

DotT really waked my hunger for classic adventure games. I guess next I will start to play the Monkey Island games. Yes I have to admit that I haven‘t played any of them. It’s sad, but it’s the truth.

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Transformers 3???

Of course there will be a third Transformers movie. Just one thought on it: It has to take place on Cybertron. The first 2 movies were on Earth. Another Transformers movie on Earth would suck. AND it should contain no humans. How could humans breath and walk around on a machine planet??? Means: No Shia LeBuffet anymore! I hate him. „There’s more than meets the eye!“ Jerk…

And I already heard that Megan Fox wouldn‘t do another Transformer again. That’s sad. She was hot. Especially when she sprayed the motorcycle in the beginning of Transformers 2. But no humans also means no Megan Fox. But having her in a third part also means having Shia LeArse. They love each other… This was the worst thing in Transformers 2… and John Tutorro. He was great in part one but there was no need for him to be in part two. He wasn‘t funny, he was exhausting!

I hope the next Transformers movie also kicks ass as the first 2 did.

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What’s this choir singing?

And Doctor Who again. This are the final moments of David Tennant in Doctor Who before #10 regenerates to #11. Listen to the choir in the background. Are they actually singing „Timey Wimey“??? RTD did it again I guess.

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And David Tennant IS funny

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