Ewoks Comics #9

OMG. I really can‘t believe this happened. When I was a kid, I really was into the Ewoks. I knew the two movies and I really freaked out when my father told me that they originally appear in the third Star Wars movie. I actually remember the moment when my mum and me were in a store. I saw this Ewok comic book I begged my mum to buy it for me. I must have been like… I just looked it up, it originally was released in Germany in 1988, I was 3 back then… That can‘t be. I mean, I was a smart kid so I was able to read quite early. But not with 3 years… Well, maybe it was a re-release or an oddment… I guess I was 6 or 7, maybe 8… It was the only issue of this comic book series I ever had. There was a big educational part in it that showed how to pack a shelf and some riddles for kids. Usual stuff for a kids‘ comic.

So here is the sensation: Linkara, this guy with the hat and the glasses, also reviews comic books. I mean, he normally only reviews comic but also makes this awesome Power Rangers review thingy I told you some time ago. In his lates episode of his web show he reviews this issue of the Ewoks comic books. When I first saw the title „Ewoks #9″ I already had this thought, that it could be „my“ issue of the Ewoks comics. And it is. I instantly remembered a lot of the story parts and several pictures. Seeing this comic again, brought back some memories I thought to have lost. Thanks Internet… here’s the link: LINKARAONI

Awesome… Just awesome.

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