New Prince album exclusively via music magazines

I‘m not that much into Prince. OK, he is a brillant musician. Maybe one of the last existing musical artists. I once saw him performing a halftime show at the Super Bowl some years ago and it rocked my balls off. Well, Prince thinks that normal distribution ways are dead. He has lost faith in the traditional physical distribution by record companies. I can understand this. But he also doesn‘t believe in digital platforms like iTunes anymore. Hmm… I see that Many listeners don‘t like buying full albums, but prefer picking out the raisins and only buying their favorite songs from an album. I hate that. I love full albums. Listening to a new album from the beginning to the end, having the complete playlist in mind, knowing which song comes next by the end of a song… this is what the album format is for. But the digital way, nowadays, is the only way to sell many many copies of an album. I still remember how people tried to prevent the latest winner of „Deutschland sucht den Superstar“ (Germanies version of Pop Idol) from reaching place 1 in the German charts by asking people to download a certain song. I don‘t remember which song it was… something by a mediocre 90ies techno act. Blümchen or such. And it worked, for the download charts at least. This shows how powerful digital distribution is.

Anyways, Prince decided to give away his new album almost for free. It will be included in several music magazines all around the globe. In Germay it will be release by the Rolling Stone magazine… OK, Prince is rich. He doesn‘t need to sell his music anymore, he has earned enough money. But saying that the digital way of music distribution is dead, is just wrong. Of course I‘m gonna buy a copy of this issue of Rolling Stone. It will be release on 22 July 2010. I hope that the number of released copies is high enough that a lot of people get this magazine. I will buy it immediatly on 22 July, even when I have to go to every single shop that sells magazines :)

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