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I‘m shocked… you know, I played Pokémon since the Red Version on Gameboy Classic. I was a huge Pokémon fan. In the end of the 90ies Pokémon was TEH thing. catching PKMN, training PKMN, swapping PKMN… it was awesome. Then my best friend showed me the new Gold and Silver Versions on an emulator and it was even more awesome. The game that was already great in this dotmatrix graphics, even improved just by the look. And when the GBA came out… OH MY GOD!!! The Ruby and Saphire Versions were even better and better and better. I lost interest in Pokémon when the FireRed and LeafGreen Versions came out. LeafGreen was my last version. I still have it. On Saturday I turned it on just to compare it to the original Red Version, which I‘m playing at the moment, and I even found a missing moonstone to evolve a certain Pokémon. Now I have 312 instead of 311 PKMN on LeafGreen… I guess I will never touch it again. But I was looking for a moonstone by catching a Clefairy after another. They are said to hold them when you catch them. Must be a quite rare thing. I never found any… But I have like 20 Clefairys on LeafGreen.

All this time I played Pokémon, there was one little thing missing… just one thing… all over the years. Pokémon actually touching each other in battle. YOu see that in the series all the time. In the games it always was like your PKMN moved forward a little step and the opponent PKMN got hit by a invisible force of air or such. Maybe stench… It dissapointed me a lot seeing this also in Pokémon Stadium on the N64. Or that you could only see the upper part of your own PKMNs body and that they were hardly moving. In the latest versions they are moving up and down slightly so it seems that they are breathing.

Some days ago I saw the first moving footage of the new versions Black & White. I was stunned. You can see your own PKMN in full size, they are moving while attacking, the attacks just look awesome… only the already revealed PKMN look like… SHIZ! I mean, this is the 5th generation of PKMN. I already hated the 4th generation. The look of the PKMNs in the first 3 generations was OK. I mean there ain‘t nothing as classic as the first generation. I‘m seeing this in the original Red Version at the moment. Some of the PKMN look a little creepy cause the designs weren‘t as they were in the TV-series. They were changed slightly for the series. Some of the PKMN look like they were taking drugs or needed a lot of sleep to get fit again. Some even don‘t look anything like they look in the TV series or later version. I noticed that on a spider PKMN… Spinarak or so. In Gold and Silver it was violet, later in the series and the Crystal Version it became green. But „nowadays“ the artworks you see in magazines like the Coro Coro are final.

And here’s what I really want to talk about: what the heck were they thinkin‘??? I mean… I just wanna show you the starter PKMN. Here we go:

[Source: Serebii.net]

What is this??? This has nothing to do with the PKMN I know. The first starters were classic. A cute fire lizard, a funny grass dinosaur and a little blue turtle! The second starters were also great. A fire hedgehog, an awesome water crocodile and this grass thingy… I still dunno what sort of animal they wanted to cover… But this bunch of fantasy beings??

The fire PKMN is some sort of piglet. The curly tail reminds me of another pig PKMN with a spring tail (I don‘t remember the name anymore…). The first one is supposed to be a snake like PKMN. But since when do snakes have arms and legs??? And the water PKMN is supposed to be a sea otter. Ask me and I would say it is a drug addicted panda bear… with a clamp. Check out the list at Serebii.net to see the full amount of already reveald PKMN. I like the Gears and the one that looks like a pharao’s coffin. SEREBIIERONI

I‘m curious were this will lead. I still remember that I went through the list of the 4th generation and couldn‘t stop laughing. Especially because of this little fellow:

#453 Croagunk

No comment, really…

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