Bristol Stool Chart

How to start a blog post about stool? I don‘t want to make any shit-jokes… It was too cheap. But seriously? There are scientists researching about stool??? What a shitty job! Nooo, I did it. I actually did it… I made a shit-joke… I‘m so weak.

You can see the chart after the jump. But be sure that you have a strong stomach!

Here you can see the different types of shit. I‘m sure there are mixed forms. And I miss the beershit which is rather creamy. OK I guess there have to be people doing certain jobs, TEH hard jobs. Like sewer workers, gynaecologists and elementary school teachers. And that everything can be interesting, even the human stool. And all things have to be discovered. But I mean… when you are a kid you have a dream of what you wanna be when you are grown up. I can‘t imagine a little boy sitting in his sleeping room saying: „When I grow up, I wanna be a stool scientist!“ What would his parents say: „Of course little John Smith, we‘ll support you becoming a stool scientist!“ Sort of sick, isn‘t it… By the way, gynaecologists most of the time are male, at least here in Germany… just think of it. They have a lotta… work to do!

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