Transformers 3???

Of course there will be a third Transformers movie. Just one thought on it: It has to take place on Cybertron. The first 2 movies were on Earth. Another Transformers movie on Earth would suck. AND it should contain no humans. How could humans breath and walk around on a machine planet??? Means: No Shia LeBuffet anymore! I hate him. „There’s more than meets the eye!“ Jerk…

And I already heard that Megan Fox wouldn‘t do another Transformer again. That’s sad. She was hot. Especially when she sprayed the motorcycle in the beginning of Transformers 2. But no humans also means no Megan Fox. But having her in a third part also means having Shia LeArse. They love each other… This was the worst thing in Transformers 2… and John Tutorro. He was great in part one but there was no need for him to be in part two. He wasn‘t funny, he was exhausting!

I hope the next Transformers movie also kicks ass as the first 2 did.

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