Hey, Mr. Tentacle Guy!

You know, I am a retro gamer. I don‘t care about modern videogame console. They are expensive and the games suck. I don‘t have much money and there are 30 years of gaming I already missed. One thing I always to catch up was „Day of the Tentacle“. I often tried to play the original „Maniac Mansion“ but always stopped because of the VERY oldschool mechanics of the game. Of course I played through the remake „Maniac Mansion DX“ but just for the cameo appearance of the GIGA//Games crew. As far as I remember they are in this remake… I may be wrong…

Anyways. On Friday I sneaked through the second hand store that’s part of our company and that is right next to our office. I browsed through the computer games and found a copy of „Day of the Tentacle“. As an employee I got the CD for free, otherwise it had cost like 50 cent or so. Later at home I put it into my PC, started ScummVM and got blasted by the probably best adventure game I played so far. Awesome graphics and animations, perfect voice dubbing, jokes that made me rolling over the floor laughing. I don‘t know why it had took so long until I found this pearl of a computer game. I‘m not fully done with it, I guess I‘m about 3/4 round the game.

LucasArts‘ adventures always were a part of my gaming life. „Sam & Max: Hit the Road“ even was one of the first adventures I played. Of course I checked out the new episodes of the police dog and the freaky rabbit, I played the first part of the first season but it was weird to see the beloved 2D character in 3D… I don‘t know. I‘m not that much into games in 3D.

DotT really waked my hunger for classic adventure games. I guess next I will start to play the Monkey Island games. Yes I have to admit that I haven‘t played any of them. It’s sad, but it’s the truth.

Follow the little purple TENTACLE!!!

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1 Antwort auf “Hey, Mr. Tentacle Guy!”

  1. 1 barto 30. Juli 2010 um 10:23 Uhr

    uuuuh, fünfzig cent wären schon ein witz gewesen, aber für umme ist ja super!!! :)

    also wenn du noch nie auf der affeninsel gewesen bist, solltest du das auf jeden fall noch nachholen, habe monkey island sogar noch mehr genossen als day of the tentacle! …und wenn du schon dabei bist und dich durch die besten pointandclicks zockst, probier am besten auch noch discworld, unfassbar schwer, weil unlogische rätsel, aber ein unvergleichlicher spaß!!! :-)

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