Prince – 20Ten

There’s actually not that much to say about this album… Except for. IT ROCKS! I haven‘t bought a Prince album for a time so I was curious how he sounded in 2010. Awesome. Electro, Techno and Pop mixed with Soul, R‘n'B and Funk. There is no dust left in my speakers. I bought the Rolling Stone magazine containing the CD on Saturday and since then I heard the album ’bout 10 times or so. I love it. It is worth the money it has not cost. First I was afraid that it would become hard to get an issue of the Rolling Stone. But it was easy. Seems that there are not THAT many Prince fans. Anyways, I‘m happy that I have this album. It was cheap, the music is awesome and Prince is an artist I really do respect.

I have to think of a story that was told in „Chapelle’s Show“. Charlie Murphy, the brother of Eddy Murphy, always told stories there. One story was about how he got ass-kicked in a basketball match by Prince. After the match, Prince made them pancakes!!! PANCAKES. FREAKING PANCAKES!!! ARGH! Imagine somebody challenges you in basketball, kicks your ass and makes you pancakes. And it is Prince. One of the best musical artists on earth. And I mean, he made the pancakes and not one of his cooks.

Follow the little brown PANCAKE!!!

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