Micromusic Get Together #2 Canceled (for me)

It is sad but I had to cancel my participation in the second and unfortunatly last Micromusic Get Together in Berlin. My life was a total mess the past weeks and I have to manage some things before I can spend time and money on such big things. Believe me, I would love going to Berlin this weekend. Yes, it would have been this weekend. Last year was so awesome and this year will be even more awesome. I‘m sure. But I won‘t be there. Neither as an artist, nor as a visitor.

I‘m not very pleased with this. I was so much looking forward to MMG#2 the last year. Ever since I returned from Berlin last year. This time they are doing it in 2 nights to give all performing artists enough time. But the fact that I‘m not there, is no reason for you not going there!!! Here’s the program: GETTOGETHERONI

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1 Antwort auf “Micromusic Get Together #2 Canceled (for me)”

  1. 1 motone 27. Juli 2010 um 14:57 Uhr


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