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I don‘t think that I have many regular readers. Thanks to everybodies lack of interest for anonymity I know quite exactly were my readers are from, which page they visited before and so on. Everything recorded by the Blogcounter you can see on the right side of the blog. Well, but most important for me is how many readers come to my blog. And the daily numbers increase and increase. Some weeks ago I was happy if at lest 10 people visited my blog. And now… Just have a look at the picture below. It shows how many people visited The MM Project each day this month.

I activated a status mail service that sends me a mail whenenver another 100 people have visited my blog. Of course, about 2700 people don‘t seem much, but it is OK for now. I would love if more people would come and read the mindf**k I produce here. Maybe I even only have to find the right topic to write about. On Monday I wrote about Prince and immediatly the numbers of readers increased (see image). I dunno… maybe I should start writing about more popular topics like… Tokio Hotel, Pokémon, worn underwear of female Japanese highschool students… stuff like this. But at the moment I‘m writing about stuff I like and it seems to attract enough people. Keep commenting my thoughts, keep reading, tell everybody to read this blog and…

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