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I guess you all heard about what happened in Duisburg last weekend. For those who haven‘t: 20 people died at the Loveparade because of bad security conditions. I don‘t wanna talk about what happened in detail, I wasn‘t there. A collegue of mine was and she told me that she didn‘t notice anything about the mass panic. Well, I wanna talk about what the media has made of this event and what might have lead to it!

I heard about it on Monday morning when somebody mentioned it in the office. I was shocked. On Monday morning they were talking about 19 deads, as far as I heard one more died in hospital yesterday or the day before. What I read was a statement on Twitter that there were way too much people on way too less space. The tweet was talking about 1.4 million ravers on a spot for about 500,000. I heard that actually there was only place for 250,000 people. On Monday evening when I watched the news with my grandma German television already had became insane. They were talking about stupid planners, people who only wanted to make this event for money and tourists, laws that were ignored to organize the event the easiest and cheapest way… It was aweful. There were hardly no information, everything was unsure. And of course everybody wanted the mayor of Duisburg to retreat.

I don‘t get that every time something bad happens, politicians have to retreat. Of course there must be someone or a group of persons who are responsible for what happened. It will be hard to point the finger on only one person or group because there were several things going wrong. On TV I saw some footage that really worried me: There were trees standing in the ways surrounded by fences, creating obstacles for arriving and leaving people. No big trees, I could have ripped them out with my bare hands. The area could only be reached by two tunnels of approximatly 18 meters width each. Where the tunnels met, there was a narrow passage leading to the festival area. I think only half the size of a tunnel. I saw statements on the net that talked about what numbers of people planners expected: They expected 1.2 million people attending this years Loveparade. WHY THE HELL DID THEY BOOK AN AREA WHICH ONLY HAS SPACE FOR 250,000 TO 500,000 PEOPLE??? What’s wrong with you, guys??? Are you mad???

I first saw the area on Friday on TV. It was weird to see that they had a restricted area and didn‘t make the Loveparade on a long street. I was at the first „new“ Loveparade in Essen 3 years ago. There was so much space. Of course there were many people. But it was on a long street in a city.

I don‘t wanna point my finger on somebody and say „It’s your fault! Go and retreat!“. I don‘t know what happened. Neither do so many people in the media, the Bild newspaper in first place. It hurts to call the Bild a newspaper because most of the stuff printed in this piece of paper is made up. But they have nice naked ladies on the first page. They would be the only reason for me to buy an issue, but I don‘t.

On Monday I watched several TV magazines that reported about the event. I watched from 5 pm to 8 pm and it took to a magazine at 7 pm until I was informed in a good way. Most of the magazine only showed the mobile phone films of the panic and tried to reconstruct what happened exactly. Only one TV channel was there to report from the Loveparade and broadcast it live: WDR. They had some cameras at the panic and talked to the organizers of the event. No other TV channel was there. And everybody speculated about what happened when and how and why.

Facts: There were no escape ways, the security and police were overwhelmed with the situation, the ambulance cars had to park on the nearby highway (which got closed especially for that), there were too many people on too less space and everything was really bad planned. It’s a shame to have something like this happened in Germany. Normally we are known for beeing law-abiding and for our meticulousness and then something like this happens.

Well, how to sum everything up? The history of the Loveparade is finally over. Doing another one would be impious. The image of the event is totally destroyed. It’s sad, the Loveparade already lost its point years ago and so they decided to stop doing it in Berlin. I think Berlin was the perfect place. But they had a big problem with the amount of waste and pissing, drunken, stoned and injured people. I guess the clean up was more expensive than the event itself. But they wanted to give it a new idea by doing it in different cities in the Ruhr-Area. And then there are some unscrupulous people giving a shit about laws and expectations ruining everything.

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