Scott Pilgrim vs. Me

It’s amazing. Some months ago I only knew that there was a comic book series called „Scott Pilgrim“. I saw the cover artwork and thought ‚‘what sort of mist is that here?'‘ (that was Denglish for ‚‘WTF'‘). I read that the topic was more recommended for young adults and the picture looked like a kids drawing. OK, besides the drawing style, Scott Pilgrim really is a great comic book, I haven‘t read all issues yet, I guess one is even still to be released in the USA. But it was awesome. At the same time I heard that somebody was making a live-action movie of this comic book. I was unsure if this was a good idea. Many comic book movies beside the ‚‘normal'‘ superhero movies sucked. I was afraid that this movie was going in the same direction. I mean, I haven‘t seen it yet, I wanna. But the movie starts ridiculously late here in Germany. It will be in theaters in January… JANUARY… That is like 4 months from now. Normally I don‘t like importing stuff. It is complicated and most of the time expensive. But this time, I will import the American DVD as soon as it is released. I wanna own this movie. I could watch it online but it would not be the same.

And then, suddenly this morning, I heard that Anamanaguchi, one of my favorite chipmusic bands have written and performed the soundtrack for the upcoming videogame for Playstation and XBox360… ANAMANAGUCHI, seriously I‘m proud of beeing able to write this band name down without a typo. How awesome is this??? This is the first time I see that a chipmusic band is doing a thing that huge. I always dream of beeing asked doing a thing at least 1/4 as big as this. Oh boy… Nice dream, but dreams are schemes… Träume sind Schäume… and when it happens, it happens. And if not, then not ;)

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