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This Japanese Girl Haunts My Dreams

Maybe you have reoccuring dreams, too. Some of them may be nightmares, some of them may be good dreams. At the moment my head seems to go on a rafting tour with me. The last 2 weeks I only had weird and stupid dreams. And there is one element that always comes back: a small Japanese girl! No, not what you think. This girl (mostly 14 years old) is in company with her older sister who takes care of her. The older sister is pushing a buggy with another kid and carries another one on her back. And this little Japanese girl is a real brat. I‘m always trying to calm her down but it doesn‘t work. And her older sister is just overwhealmed with her and the other kids. She always looks like she had already given up raising this girl to a valuable part of our society.

What could this dream element mean??? I mean, I‘m very much into Asian girls! I think they are really attractive women. But why is this girl so young then??? And in my dreams I don‘t like this girl. She has done no harm to me, she is just exhausting. I can‘t control her. First she’s on my side, then she’s on a tree…

I don‘t know… maybe you have an idea. Leave a comment. I should stop eating sushi before I go to bed.. wait… I haven‘t eaten sushi for months… I like sushi… hmmm… sushi…

Erm… yes!

Follow the little red UFO!!! (at least I don‘t dream of little red UFOs!!!)

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