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New Compilation Release: „300 – bring‘em low“

finally! the show must go on: celebrating 20kbps release #300. ’cause they‘ve got to ride forever on that range down low: applecore, arxo, atarix, Big Sugar Victorious, Cooloola Monster, D. Porno, Denner, Derex, Duality, Duality Micro, EugeneKha, Gert 300, Goto80, G O Z N E, Graffiti Mechanism, hamburguesan vegetal, hertzcanary, INDU MEZU, Jimmy Slaughter, Jemset, Josstintimberlake, k9d, Microbit Project, Mr.Dee, Nole Plastique, Olympic Smoker, Origami Repetika, Pablo Javier Piacente, Razxca, Sascha Müller, Scrap Heap, Sick To The Back Teeth, Static Bass, Steuker, Synthetic, The MM Project, Toxic Chicken, Xedh, Xorqz and others. incredible glitch-glatch covert art by the incredible bikecore. bring‘em low! DOWNLOADERONI

Gorillaz did it again!

I have a new favorite song… I love it!!!

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Superman 2.0

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Success, hooray!!! Yesterday after work I went to my favorite tobacco shop to check if I could get the Perry Rhodan issues I missed. First I just wanted to order issue #2564 (which I did not have at home). But they didn‘t even have the current issue #2565. The only issue that was still available was issue #2563 which I have for weeks. So I asked the clerk if she could order both issues. She asked me to wait a moment and called another tobacco shop to ask if they had some issues left and to eventually bring them there. In this case I just had to have to wait some minutes. But unfortunatly the other shop was also out of Perry Rhodan books. Well, I already thought that it would become terribly complicated to get the issues and already saw me ordering them online with the very high shipping costs.

In the meantime another customer that was around asked me if Perry Rhodan was still existing. I said yes of course. He was about 40 years old and told me that he read Perry Rhodan when he was 14 years old, „when I was a twerp“ as he called it ;) He seemed to be very happy and when I told him that I am reading this series since March 2010 he was surprised that this series still attracts new readers.

Then the clerk told me that it was no problem to order my missing issues. I was relieved. I paid the whole price even though she only wanted a disposit. But she wanted to have at least 3 € and cause I had to 3.70 € I paid it completly.

Btw: the picture above is the most distracting illustration I know in the Perryverse. The mousebeaver Gucky sitting on Perry Rhodan’s lap, holding a long carrot… Shame be to him who thinks evil of it…

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Always Perry Rhodan

Great… Due to the fact that I had my library membership I didn‘t read Perry Rhodan for a long time. Of course I bought the books and put them on the very top of my bookshelf. Well… recently I was so busy with reading comics (Final Crisis *hrhr*) and making music for Wuppertal this weekend, that I had no time to go to the tabacco shop and buy the last issues. That is no problem when it comes to the current and next issues. I will get both today, the first at the tobacco shop and the latter at the train station, which has the latest issue already on Thursdays. But I missed issue #2564. Well… basically I‘m not fully sure if I actually missed it… Looking at the cover at Perry-Rhodan.Net it seems to be very familiar to me…

OK, let’s say I‘m not sure if I have this issue at home or not. But I have the following problem: What if I don‘t have it? This would mean I had to order it. There are many many ways to order a Perry Rhodan book. Unfortunatly all of them are much too expensive to just buy a single issue. Shipping is more expensive that the actual book. A single Perry Rhodan issue is 1.85 €. Quite cheap compared to comic books :D Shipping costs double this price. Another way was to go to my favorite book store and ask if they can order it for me. But I‘m unsure if they do it cause they are a book store and not a shop for serial books that are normally sold in newspaper and magazine shops. And I could ask at my normal tobacco shop or at the train station if they can order it for me. They normally order magazines on demand. It takes some time, like 2 or 3 days, but that’s OK. I just wanna have a complete series and know how the story goes on.

Maybe I don‘t have the time to read them regularly, in fact issue #2560 lays half-unread on my nightstand for weeks. But for example on this weekend I will be on a train for 4 hours in total (2 hours on Saturday, another 2 on Sunday). I only need 2 hours to finish a Perry Rhodan, when I read quick. So I could actually catch up a little bit. Well, it’s hard for me to stick to Perry Rhodan, because every week I take so many great books from the library and I have hardly no time to read other stuff than this.

The last weekend I was busy with reading Final Crisis for the second time. And I hope to find another collection book of Garfield newspaper strips, I already read 4 of issue 12. Yesterday night I took Akira Toriyama’s Sandland out of my bookshelf. It is just an average tankōbon with 13 chapters or so, so I will be done with it before dinner today. I really want to read on Perry Rhodan, I love it! The story is so crazed that I have to read on. Seeing the tweets on the Perry Rhodan Twitter account really hurts because for the first time since March 2010 I don‘t know what it is talking about.

Well, I guess first I have to find out if I really missed issue #2564, then I have to be concerned.

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Comic Book prices Vol. II

I recently got interested in the Countdown to Final Crisis book release. And just as an addition to my first article about comic book prices two weeks ago, you get this little piece:

Countdown is available in English in 4 volumes, about 15 € each, which make 60 € in total. A lotta money, but OK. Something you can still save your money on. The German issue is available in 6 issues plus a companion release, two of them are about 17 €, the rest are about 20 € PANINIEXPENSIVERONI

I mean, f**k the what?? I just looked it up, I paid 15 € for the complete Final Crisis, the 7 German single issues are about 13 € each. I admit it looks like they also contain many many tie-ins and each issue has got its 100 pages. But just to have the main event with the most important tie-ins costs only 15 €… That’s enough to understand what is going on…

When you are from outside of Europe just calculate the Euro-price in your own currency and check if 12.95 € is still a payable price for a 100 pages comic book…

OK, here is my message to PANINI: Please lower the prices of your comic book releases!!! They are too expensive.

Money, money, money, must be funny, in a richman’s world…

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How the Hermes story ended

I told you that the Final Crisis book was delivered by Hermes and that I got some certain problems with this company. Well, last Tuesday I just called the hotline of Hermes. I asked them to deliver the pack to the next packet shop, that’s just some meters from my apartment. They told me that I could fetch my pack from this shop on Thursday, just two days later. That was OK for me. I only wanted to have my pack. But, and here we go, when I came home on Wednesday and I opened my mailbox I found the third little white paper in it. I was annoyed. I thought, you stupid f**ks. I checked what the paper said and this time the delivery guy managed to give my pack to my neighbor. And the pack already stood in front of my apartment door. OK, I admit, I was happy that the pack finally arrived me. But with the regular German mail company it had been much easier…

Hermes is annoying. Full stop.

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Limbo says No!

Gosh… Final Crisis. What should I say??? Confusing is the right word for that. Of course it was hard to understand most of the stuff that was going on, cause it is in English. I admit, I had to read it twice. I‘m used to read very fast because normally I already catch the point of what’s written. But together with the every-day-speech of some of the characters and the already confusing matter I was dealing with, reading fast was the worst thing I could do. The second time I read it more carefully, looked at the pictures more carefully, tried to understand how everything was connected and I guess now I have understood what Morrison wanted from me. (read on…)

The Incredible (or incredibly stupid) Crash Dummies

„Mama, I want that toy on TV! It comes with a video! Please Mama, I never get any toys… Look how cool they are, when you hit the button they fall apart, let’s go to the toy shop and buy it. It’s not expensive. I never get toys, you don‘t love me, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!“

OK, I admit, I don‘t remember exactly how this conversation between me and my mom was, but it was at least almost like that. Yes, I had some of this stupid toys… All they could do was exploding when you hit the button. Hey but there was a VHS cassette with the toy… I think I watched this video like 4 billion times. I dunno what happened with it but it would be nice to see it again. But it is hard to find information on this series on the internet… and when you look for pictures and type in „Incredible Crash Dummies TV“ you get a picture of Stan Lee on page 8…

OK, here we go, IMDB saved my life again IMDBARONI. This article actually is about the video I had when I was young and here is the Wikipedia-Article about it CRASHTESTERONI

And sometimes it is that easy: OK, let’s see what we have here. You can now watch me collecting information for a blog, normally I do it before I start but I want to do it differently this time. OK, it is a nice site, indeed, but it lacks information and pictures to the TV series.

Anyways, this video was my first encounter with computer animated TV. Looking back the animation wasn‘t that good and the toys were stupid, too. But as far as I remember the video was funny and fitted the style of the toys really well. btw: yes, the picture show the original toy with video that I also had when I was a kid. The picture comes from eBay.

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I hate Hermes

Currently I‘m waiting for a little package containing „Final Crisis“ (maybe I told you about that) and a birthday present. One of last orders and the current order were delivered through a company called Hermes. Together with DHL who belong to the Deutsche Post and UPS (both companies act worldwide) Hermes is one of the biggest mail and package delivery companies. I don‘t say that they do a bad job, it’s just a bit fussy how they do it.

I give you an example: of course your stuff always gets delivered when you are not at home. My pack arrived yesterday morning while I was sitting in the office, doing office stuff. Or they arrive on a Saturday morning when you just got back from a party and switched off the bell to be not disturbed. Had that once, hated it. Anyways, DHL leaves a small blue paper that allows you to fetch your stuff from the central post office. This post office is just like 10 minutes by foot from my apartment. Very easy! Hermes does it like this:

They also leave a paper, a white one. This paper says „We were here at X o‘clock, we‘ll be back tomorrow.“ And you know exactly that you won‘t be home then, too! But Hermes isn‘t stupid and tells you to read the backside of the paper which says „You can name a neighbor that is allowed to take the pack, but fill in the stuff carefully otherwise we will just put that pack in front of the house where everybody can see it, and when you come home, the pack is gone because some 15 year old drug addict took it and sold it for dope, and you can‘t make us responsible for like anything because it’s your own fault that you let your stuff being delivered by Hermes!!!!“


The fun thing, there is a pack shop right in front my apartment, why don‘t they leave it there???

Well, I put in the name of my neighbor. I hope that he is home when the pack comes again this morning, I couldn‘t speak to him yesterday, because he was already asleep when I came home.

I just want to have this package.

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