MM live @ Stromkreis Wuppertal 23.10.2010

Hey ho, my blog is back, that’s a thing you can be happy about. Now I can write stuff about senseless things again, hoooooooraaaay. And I have an awesome news to tell you. I will play a gig in Wuppertal. Stromkreis has become one of the most important chipmusic concert nights in the German chipmusic scene very fast. I was invited to play there on 23 October 2010, which is a Saturday.

Seeing your own name on a flyer like this really rocks!!!

The best thing: I will meet a lot of the guys I already know from the first „Micromusic Get Together“ in 2009. As there are: Midi Man, Irrlicht Project and Tom Woxom. I will also get to know firestARTer, one of my idols and source of inspiration in my early days of chipmusic. I‘m currently putting together a set, that will almost only consist of me singing. I noticed that my songs with vocals were much more popular in Berlin last year. So I will focus on singing.

Here’s the line-up for the next Stromkreis:

- Frau Holle aka firestARTer (wuppertal/rotterdam/nl)
- Logosamphia (dordrecht/nl)
- Stern Fucking Zeit (mainz/rüsselsheim/de)
- Tom Woxom (bochum/de)
- Computermusik (aachen/de)
- Irrlicht Project (berlin/de)
- Low Bit Revolte (wuppertal/de)
- The MM Project (rheine/de)
- Midi Man (berlin/de)
- Zweitgolf (wuppertal/de)
- SorgenFreu (wuppertal/de)

- Eindbaas DJ Team / DJ PCK & DJ Kla (utrecht/nl)
- GameBoyNeo (wuppertal/de)

More Information on the Stromkreis Myspace

I‘m really looking forward to this, especially because I will have hardly no costs. I will get back the costs for my train ticket. Last year I spent about 100 € just for the train ticket to Berlin. Luckily I had the money for it. And it was worth it. I mean, I don‘t wanna earn any money with my music. It is still a non- to lo-profit hobby for me. But it shouldn‘t cost too much.

Follow the little red UFO!!!

(how much I missed to write this sentence :) )

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