More than meets the Arse…

Oh well, the 80ies. What a wonderful time for cartoon fans. Cartoon series were still handmade by Korean kids, German dubbing was aweful and we loved it back then.

Now looking back to my childhood I see how bad these shows actually were. The stories sucked, the animation sucked… in fact everything sucked. Having multiple plotholes seemed to be more like a concept than a problem. I recently started to collect 80ies and early 90ies cartoon shows on DVD, starting with the amazing „Garfield & Friends“ (which is awesome compared to the rest) and going on with „Defenders of the Earth“. The last things I added to my DVD library were the German DVDs to „The Transformers“.

This series is the best example for German release politics of classic TV series. The first German broadcast started in 1989, already two years after the show was canceled in the USA. The German channel RTL aired 39 episodes they picked out of the original 98 episodes randomly. When you watch the German episodes nowadays you will notice really fast, that the intro sequences are from different seasons all the time.

Anyways, when I started to check if the series was available on DVD, I found out there were 5 DVD volumes, I already have 3 of them. But the DVD releases were even more confusing. Instead of releasing at least the 39 already dubbed episodes, they also randomly took 17 episodes from that 39 episodes and put them in a random order on the DVDs.

Totally stupid. I mean, „Defenders of the Earth“ was released with all 65 episodes in the original order on I think 13 DVDs containing 5 episodes each disc. And Transformers has a much larger fanbase than the Defenders.

It is sad that old cartoon shows are released that inconsequently. There are only 3 volumes of „Garfield & Friends“, bringing the first, erm… like 24 episodes. But (and here it comes) they also contain the original English audio track. So you can still listen to the original voice of Garfield, Lorenzo Music (awesome lastname, huh). „Defenders of the Earth“ and „The Transformers“ both only contain the really really aweful German dubbing. Everytime somebody says „Autobot“ they pronounce it like „Autoboat“. With a little bit knowing of English you notice so many flaws and mistakes in translations… it hurts. All those shows are such big memories for me. Things I loved when I was a kid. One of my very first memories is me at the age of 5 watching Transformers on TV. And people that are only interested in making money with it, thread it like waste the want to get rid of.

I mean, back then, animation series were cheesy. Even with a good DVD release you can‘t improve the quality of the anination or stories anymore. But for me it is important to have at lease a few bonus features and the original audio track on a DVD release. I started to watch US or UK TV-shows and movies in English some time ago, when I accidently forget to change the settings in „Pirates of the Carribean“ and was amazed by Johnny Depp. German dubbing for me doesn‘t seem right. I even can‘t watch „The Simpsons“ on German TV anymore. I mean, in Germany everybody knows that the dubbing of „The Simpsons“ is aweful. But I really noticed it when I saw some episodes and the movie in English.

Anyways, I gotta check if „The Transformers“ and other installments of the franchise are available in English, too. And then I will start over collecting them…

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