Comic Book prices

I was interested in superheroes like all my life. In my early years I only knew the cartoon shows and found out that all the heroes like Superman, Spider-Man, the X-Men and so on have their origins in those thin comic books. The only thing I connected to comics were Mickey Mouse, Fix & Foxi and of course Asterix. I think one of my first contacts with comics were the Asterix comics of my father.

I didn‘t read almost no comics for several years. Then I started to buy the „Lustiges Taschenbuch“ again and then went on to the „Donald Duck Sonderheft“. I think I wrote about that a few times already. I only have a few superhero comics and I think I bought the first superhero comic like two years ago.

Unfortunatly I missed DC’s „Final Crisis“ event in Germany. We always get the events about one year later than they happen in the USA but I wasn‘t that much into comics to that time. I think it happend in 2008 or so. I dunno exactly…

I started looking for the cheapest way to read „Final Crisis“. I compared the prices. The German version has 340 pages, costs about 25 Euros and was released (no kidding) just today, interesting coincedence. The English version is about 15 Euros, contains 352 pages and is available for quite a while. My English is quite OK, I‘ve already read books in English but I prefer reading in German. I also watch movies in English but always activate the English subtitles to understand stuff better. It helps a lot. It will be a challenge to understand „Final Crisis“ but I will make it.

Why are comics that much more expensive here in Germany, than they are in the USA? I mean, both versions are available at So I don‘t pay a single cent for importing or so. I think that German comic book publishers want to pretend that comic books have a higher value. It is some sort of pychology: something with a high price has to be high-quality.

Some time ago I bought „The Boys #5″. OK, I admit, I bought it because of the banging superheroes. Where else can you see superheroes having sex? This book contains about 150 pages and was almost 17 Euros. Why is this so expensive? I bought Marvel’s „1602: The New World“ (Marvel’s superheroes in the beginning of the 17th century) and it also was about 17 Euros but it was over sized and had a jacket making it at least a bit looking to be high quality.

I don‘t think that this is OK. Of course the higher priced comics have an older target group. The regular Spider-Man magazine often reminds me of the „Micky Maus Magazin“. It is about 3 Euros and always comes with a toy.

It is sad. I love reading comics. I love superheroes. But the prices of single issues make it impossible for me to follow more than one series a time. I recently read Marvel’s „X-Men: Utopia“ storyline, which was a side story to the „Dark Reign“ event. Each issue was about 6 Euro, contained about 100 pages and really was worth reading. But it’s a good thing that English languaged books are also available in Germany via online shops like Amazon. I‘m a customer at Amazon for many many years and always only made good experiences ;)

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