I hate Hermes

Currently I‘m waiting for a little package containing „Final Crisis“ (maybe I told you about that) and a birthday present. One of last orders and the current order were delivered through a company called Hermes. Together with DHL who belong to the Deutsche Post and UPS (both companies act worldwide) Hermes is one of the biggest mail and package delivery companies. I don‘t say that they do a bad job, it’s just a bit fussy how they do it.

I give you an example: of course your stuff always gets delivered when you are not at home. My pack arrived yesterday morning while I was sitting in the office, doing office stuff. Or they arrive on a Saturday morning when you just got back from a party and switched off the bell to be not disturbed. Had that once, hated it. Anyways, DHL leaves a small blue paper that allows you to fetch your stuff from the central post office. This post office is just like 10 minutes by foot from my apartment. Very easy! Hermes does it like this:

They also leave a paper, a white one. This paper says „We were here at X o‘clock, we‘ll be back tomorrow.“ And you know exactly that you won‘t be home then, too! But Hermes isn‘t stupid and tells you to read the backside of the paper which says „You can name a neighbor that is allowed to take the pack, but fill in the stuff carefully otherwise we will just put that pack in front of the house where everybody can see it, and when you come home, the pack is gone because some 15 year old drug addict took it and sold it for dope, and you can‘t make us responsible for like anything because it’s your own fault that you let your stuff being delivered by Hermes!!!!“


The fun thing, there is a pack shop right in front my apartment, why don‘t they leave it there???

Well, I put in the name of my neighbor. I hope that he is home when the pack comes again this morning, I couldn‘t speak to him yesterday, because he was already asleep when I came home.

I just want to have this package.

Follow the litte blue HERMES!!!

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