The Incredible (or incredibly stupid) Crash Dummies

„Mama, I want that toy on TV! It comes with a video! Please Mama, I never get any toys… Look how cool they are, when you hit the button they fall apart, let’s go to the toy shop and buy it. It’s not expensive. I never get toys, you don‘t love me, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!“

OK, I admit, I don‘t remember exactly how this conversation between me and my mom was, but it was at least almost like that. Yes, I had some of this stupid toys… All they could do was exploding when you hit the button. Hey but there was a VHS cassette with the toy… I think I watched this video like 4 billion times. I dunno what happened with it but it would be nice to see it again. But it is hard to find information on this series on the internet… and when you look for pictures and type in „Incredible Crash Dummies TV“ you get a picture of Stan Lee on page 8…

OK, here we go, IMDB saved my life again IMDBARONI. This article actually is about the video I had when I was young and here is the Wikipedia-Article about it CRASHTESTERONI

And sometimes it is that easy: OK, let’s see what we have here. You can now watch me collecting information for a blog, normally I do it before I start but I want to do it differently this time. OK, it is a nice site, indeed, but it lacks information and pictures to the TV series.

Anyways, this video was my first encounter with computer animated TV. Looking back the animation wasn‘t that good and the toys were stupid, too. But as far as I remember the video was funny and fitted the style of the toys really well. btw: yes, the picture show the original toy with video that I also had when I was a kid. The picture comes from eBay.

Fasten your long grey SEATBELT!!!

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