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Gosh… Final Crisis. What should I say??? Confusing is the right word for that. Of course it was hard to understand most of the stuff that was going on, cause it is in English. I admit, I had to read it twice. I‘m used to read very fast because normally I already catch the point of what’s written. But together with the every-day-speech of some of the characters and the already confusing matter I was dealing with, reading fast was the worst thing I could do. The second time I read it more carefully, looked at the pictures more carefully, tried to understand how everything was connected and I guess now I have understood what Morrison wanted from me.

Another difficulty was, that I‘m not quite familiar with the DC Universe, especially when it comes to older characters. And the author Morrison put in a lot of older charas, I presume for fan whankin or such. A good example is Merryman who has a bigger role in the „Superman Beyond“ part. Merryman was part of a parody superhero-team called Inferior Five which was released from mid 1960ies to early 1970ies. The DC Universe itself grew so big with all its parallel earths within the last 50 years. They are talking of 52 different parallel earths in Final Crisis, some already destroyed. Then it is of course a giant crossover. I really love crossovers. When I read comics, it has to be a JLA, JSA or Avengers comic book, because I love different superheroes acting together. But every superhero in this story has his own connections to the New Gods and knowing them is quite important to fully understand which problems occur for which hero/villain. But Final Crisis was some sort of inner Reichsparteitag for me. Sorry for the Nazi relation, it is a proverb, check the link for further information.

That leads me to the next point: Overman. I really loved the idea to make a version of Superman that grew up in Nazi-Germany and even made it possible for the Germans to win WW II by re-engineering his rocket. I just loved the idea cause Superman is always really patriotic and Overman (also Übermann or Übermensch) is a nice „what-if“ point-of-view on Superman. That he prefers to talk in German is also nice, cause this time the authors really watched that the German phrases had correct grammar and spelling. Of course they made some itsy-bitsy tiny mistakes, but just for the effect it was perfect. I can‘t imagine how this works in the German edition, I think this thing totally got lost in the German translation. So only for this little detail it was good to have the English version of Final Crisis. The Supergirl version Überfräulein, who only introduced herself with her German name, was a good addition to it. Seeing Superman holding the wounded Supergirl in his arms and Overman holding the dead Overgirl was a nice similarity. Unfortunatly most of the Earth-10 versions of the original heroes look just the same with a swastika on their costumes.

Well, the story itself was really confusing. First of all I didn‘t understand what the „Superman Beyond“ part had to say. It looked so independent from the rest of the story even though it dealt with the main villain Mandrakk. It all happend so fast. First you got Allen Adam, some mixture of Watchmen’s Doctor Manhatten and the Atom. He sort of fuses Superman and Ultraman. in the next picture you see a giant Superman robot who is about to fight Mandrakk. Totally confusing and hard to understand. I understood it the second time I read it, when I noticed that both Superman and Ultraman are falling down after the fight against Mandrakk.

I already talked about Merryman, an old character. Even before I knew about the Final Crisis book release I read about Rubberduck. When I read that he and the other Zoo Crew characters appear in the Final Crisis, it encouraged me to buy the book. I didn‘t know that the Zoo Crew only appeared in some single panels and didn‘t even do anything. Actually I didn‘t even like seeing the Zoo Crew among the other superheroes. The drawings of comics changed to a hyper realistic style, when a colleague of me saw the cover of Final Crisis, he thought it was a photograph. And then you have those cartoony Captain Carrot standing in the group of human-like characters. This is another thing that really annoyed me. They put together plenty of hundreds of superheroes, even restore the Zoo Crew’s powers. And in the end it’s the Green Lanterns that kill Mandrakk. Why did they mobilize that amount of superheroes when it is some shitty, green clothed troop that just spikes the villain in the end. And: Why vampires? I didn‘t get why Monitor turned into a vampire??? What happened there? What’s next? The devil turns into a cupcake and causes Superman a terrible stomach ache?!?!?! It was really confusing and weird. Suddenly Superman was in the 30-somewhat century to see a mysterious machine that make f**king what?! I didn‘t get it.

Anyways, I actually enjoyed reading the comic book for the second time. But I have to get used to read stuff in English. I think I have to get some tie-ins, especially the Zoo Crew tie-in for the Countdown To Final Crisis that explains why the Zoo Crew had lost their powers…

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