Comic Book prices Vol. II

I recently got interested in the Countdown to Final Crisis book release. And just as an addition to my first article about comic book prices two weeks ago, you get this little piece:

Countdown is available in English in 4 volumes, about 15 € each, which make 60 € in total. A lotta money, but OK. Something you can still save your money on. The German issue is available in 6 issues plus a companion release, two of them are about 17 €, the rest are about 20 € PANINIEXPENSIVERONI

I mean, f**k the what?? I just looked it up, I paid 15 € for the complete Final Crisis, the 7 German single issues are about 13 € each. I admit it looks like they also contain many many tie-ins and each issue has got its 100 pages. But just to have the main event with the most important tie-ins costs only 15 €… That’s enough to understand what is going on…

When you are from outside of Europe just calculate the Euro-price in your own currency and check if 12.95 € is still a payable price for a 100 pages comic book…

OK, here is my message to PANINI: Please lower the prices of your comic book releases!!! They are too expensive.

Money, money, money, must be funny, in a richman’s world…

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