Always Perry Rhodan

Great… Due to the fact that I had my library membership I didn‘t read Perry Rhodan for a long time. Of course I bought the books and put them on the very top of my bookshelf. Well… recently I was so busy with reading comics (Final Crisis *hrhr*) and making music for Wuppertal this weekend, that I had no time to go to the tabacco shop and buy the last issues. That is no problem when it comes to the current and next issues. I will get both today, the first at the tobacco shop and the latter at the train station, which has the latest issue already on Thursdays. But I missed issue #2564. Well… basically I‘m not fully sure if I actually missed it… Looking at the cover at Perry-Rhodan.Net it seems to be very familiar to me…

OK, let’s say I‘m not sure if I have this issue at home or not. But I have the following problem: What if I don‘t have it? This would mean I had to order it. There are many many ways to order a Perry Rhodan book. Unfortunatly all of them are much too expensive to just buy a single issue. Shipping is more expensive that the actual book. A single Perry Rhodan issue is 1.85 €. Quite cheap compared to comic books :D Shipping costs double this price. Another way was to go to my favorite book store and ask if they can order it for me. But I‘m unsure if they do it cause they are a book store and not a shop for serial books that are normally sold in newspaper and magazine shops. And I could ask at my normal tobacco shop or at the train station if they can order it for me. They normally order magazines on demand. It takes some time, like 2 or 3 days, but that’s OK. I just wanna have a complete series and know how the story goes on.

Maybe I don‘t have the time to read them regularly, in fact issue #2560 lays half-unread on my nightstand for weeks. But for example on this weekend I will be on a train for 4 hours in total (2 hours on Saturday, another 2 on Sunday). I only need 2 hours to finish a Perry Rhodan, when I read quick. So I could actually catch up a little bit. Well, it’s hard for me to stick to Perry Rhodan, because every week I take so many great books from the library and I have hardly no time to read other stuff than this.

The last weekend I was busy with reading Final Crisis for the second time. And I hope to find another collection book of Garfield newspaper strips, I already read 4 of issue 12. Yesterday night I took Akira Toriyama’s Sandland out of my bookshelf. It is just an average tankōbon with 13 chapters or so, so I will be done with it before dinner today. I really want to read on Perry Rhodan, I love it! The story is so crazed that I have to read on. Seeing the tweets on the Perry Rhodan Twitter account really hurts because for the first time since March 2010 I don‘t know what it is talking about.

Well, I guess first I have to find out if I really missed issue #2564, then I have to be concerned.

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