Success, hooray!!! Yesterday after work I went to my favorite tobacco shop to check if I could get the Perry Rhodan issues I missed. First I just wanted to order issue #2564 (which I did not have at home). But they didn‘t even have the current issue #2565. The only issue that was still available was issue #2563 which I have for weeks. So I asked the clerk if she could order both issues. She asked me to wait a moment and called another tobacco shop to ask if they had some issues left and to eventually bring them there. In this case I just had to have to wait some minutes. But unfortunatly the other shop was also out of Perry Rhodan books. Well, I already thought that it would become terribly complicated to get the issues and already saw me ordering them online with the very high shipping costs.

In the meantime another customer that was around asked me if Perry Rhodan was still existing. I said yes of course. He was about 40 years old and told me that he read Perry Rhodan when he was 14 years old, „when I was a twerp“ as he called it ;) He seemed to be very happy and when I told him that I am reading this series since March 2010 he was surprised that this series still attracts new readers.

Then the clerk told me that it was no problem to order my missing issues. I was relieved. I paid the whole price even though she only wanted a disposit. But she wanted to have at least 3 € and cause I had to 3.70 € I paid it completly.

Btw: the picture above is the most distracting illustration I know in the Perryverse. The mousebeaver Gucky sitting on Perry Rhodan’s lap, holding a long carrot… Shame be to him who thinks evil of it…

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