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Go Garfield, it’s my Birthday

I‘m 25 now… that means I‘ve already been through some stuff. Sometimes when I look back in history I got a small chance to see what happened on the day I was born. German TV always broadcasts the news of the day 20 years ago. So on 9 May 2005 I saw what happened on my birthday. Wasn‘t that thrilling but it was nice to know. When you follow me on Twitter, you may know that I recently signed up for the local public library. Some of the last things I borrowed there, were books of the collected Garfield newspaper strips from the beginning of the 80ies. And yes, the one from my birthday is also among them. And you won‘t believe it, it is also available online:


Funny, it is also about a baby. It feels good that the world was already turning before I was born and that it will turn on when I‘m dead… wait… this is an aweful feeling…

Anyways, there is another project I really like that is about Garfield: Garfield Minus Garfield. This project shows how lonly Jon Arbuckle really is. Looking at the comics you will see that Jon always talks to Garfield and of course Garfield responses by thinking his answer. But in fact, Jon is talking to himself. This is what Garfield Minus Garfield is about. It is big fun reading the strips. Don‘t miss‘em. GARFIELDMINUSERONI

That’s it for today. Hope to see you in Wuppertal in about 2 weeks.

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Comic Book prices

I was interested in superheroes like all my life. In my early years I only knew the cartoon shows and found out that all the heroes like Superman, Spider-Man, the X-Men and so on have their origins in those thin comic books. The only thing I connected to comics were Mickey Mouse, Fix & Foxi and of course Asterix. I think one of my first contacts with comics were the Asterix comics of my father.

I didn‘t read almost no comics for several years. Then I started to buy the „Lustiges Taschenbuch“ again and then went on to the „Donald Duck Sonderheft“. I think I wrote about that a few times already. I only have a few superhero comics and I think I bought the first superhero comic like two years ago.

Unfortunatly I missed DC’s „Final Crisis“ event in Germany. We always get the events about one year later than they happen in the USA but I wasn‘t that much into comics to that time. I think it happend in 2008 or so. I dunno exactly… (read on…)

More than meets the Arse…

Oh well, the 80ies. What a wonderful time for cartoon fans. Cartoon series were still handmade by Korean kids, German dubbing was aweful and we loved it back then.

Now looking back to my childhood I see how bad these shows actually were. The stories sucked, the animation sucked… in fact everything sucked. Having multiple plotholes seemed to be more like a concept than a problem. I recently started to collect 80ies and early 90ies cartoon shows on DVD, starting with the amazing „Garfield & Friends“ (which is awesome compared to the rest) and going on with „Defenders of the Earth“. The last things I added to my DVD library were the German DVDs to „The Transformers“. (read on…)

MM live @ Stromkreis Wuppertal 23.10.2010

Hey ho, my blog is back, that’s a thing you can be happy about. Now I can write stuff about senseless things again, hoooooooraaaay. And I have an awesome news to tell you. I will play a gig in Wuppertal. Stromkreis has become one of the most important chipmusic concert nights in the German chipmusic scene very fast. I was invited to play there on 23 October 2010, which is a Saturday. (read on…)

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