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Christmas time officially started

So, looking at the header pic of my blog you might have guessed what time’s just started. Lunch time… erm… yeah! And to celebrate the beginning of the X-Mas season I already watched a christmas movie this morning.

A Muppets Christmas: Letters To Santa! Here’s the trailer:

It is funny, had good songs, the Muppets ROCK anyway ;)

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Maths with Garfield

At the moment I am still reading the collection books of all Garfield newspaper strips. One of the last books was 1986 – 1988. On October 25th 1986 this little strip was released.

Well, it sort of challenged me! I wanted to know, how many hours of every day he was awake in this 8 years. So I started thinking. He was alive 8 years, that is 70,080 hours. He was awake 2 years, that’s 17,520 hours… I calculated and calculated and in the end I had a calculation that looked a little bit like this. In fact my sheet looks much more messy, I did this one in Excel.

So he was awake about 6 hours a day. Of course I didn‘t watched the leap years. But I was proud of myself. I had a mathematical problem and solved it in a smart way… well… Suddenly I noticed that I did nothing else than dividing 2 : 8. It has the same solution, 0.25. All this effort just for something I could have much easier. At least it kept me awake for 10 minutes… darn…

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New Gorillaz Video „Doncamatic“

I just love it. Even though I was surprised that the singer was actually a man…
Gorillaz – Doncamatic (All Played Out) (feat. Daley)
Gorillaz | Myspace Music Videos

and I hate Myspace videos

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New Song at 8BC „Alter Ego“

Some months ago, Naomi Sample and his band started a remix-project. I wanted to remix one of their songs and even did a short melody line… but eventually forgot about that whole thing. Some time later, it must have been this summer, I found that melody line among my unfinished tracks and started working with it. I made a simple bassline, some real basic beats and some synths but everything felt incomplete and naked. So I asked a friend of mine (FoX) to add some guitar sound to it. I was worried because the song already was far away from every chipmusic standard I set up for myself so far. It turned out to be very electronically even though the kickdrum and the bassline were chip. But I thought, why not make some more song in a less „chippy“ way??? So here it is, „Alter Ego“. Have fun.


Credits for the first melody go to Naomi Sample and the Go-Go-Ghosts and their song „Krach“

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