New Song at 8BC „Alter Ego“

Some months ago, Naomi Sample and his band started a remix-project. I wanted to remix one of their songs and even did a short melody line… but eventually forgot about that whole thing. Some time later, it must have been this summer, I found that melody line among my unfinished tracks and started working with it. I made a simple bassline, some real basic beats and some synths but everything felt incomplete and naked. So I asked a friend of mine (FoX) to add some guitar sound to it. I was worried because the song already was far away from every chipmusic standard I set up for myself so far. It turned out to be very electronically even though the kickdrum and the bassline were chip. But I thought, why not make some more song in a less „chippy“ way??? So here it is, „Alter Ego“. Have fun.


Credits for the first melody go to Naomi Sample and the Go-Go-Ghosts and their song „Krach“

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1 Antwort auf “New Song at 8BC „Alter Ego“”

  1. 1 naomi 23. November 2010 um 2:20 Uhr

    hallo! schöne sache soweit…
    habs ein paar male versucht runterzuladen… hat aber nicht geklappt :-(

    habs trotzdem schon mal im blog von naomi sample veröffentlicht!



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