Maths with Garfield

At the moment I am still reading the collection books of all Garfield newspaper strips. One of the last books was 1986 – 1988. On October 25th 1986 this little strip was released.

Well, it sort of challenged me! I wanted to know, how many hours of every day he was awake in this 8 years. So I started thinking. He was alive 8 years, that is 70,080 hours. He was awake 2 years, that’s 17,520 hours… I calculated and calculated and in the end I had a calculation that looked a little bit like this. In fact my sheet looks much more messy, I did this one in Excel.

So he was awake about 6 hours a day. Of course I didn‘t watched the leap years. But I was proud of myself. I had a mathematical problem and solved it in a smart way… well… Suddenly I noticed that I did nothing else than dividing 2 : 8. It has the same solution, 0.25. All this effort just for something I could have much easier. At least it kept me awake for 10 minutes… darn…

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