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Never bring a hammer to a gunfight!!!

I wish this was real!!!

Follow the little red UFO!!!

Where the wild books are

Saturday is my favorite day in the week. No school, no work, just spare time. Some of this time I always spend in our local public library that is just bout 5 minutes by foot away from my apartment. The other I day I borrowed the movie „Where the wild Things are“. I heard about this movie when it was released last year and I heard about the original picture book it is based on. Well, I loved this movie, it is a typical Spike Jonze movie!!! Great stuff. I knew that I knew the original book from somewhere an then I remembered that there was a short spoof scene of it in a certain Simpsons episode. But I had a small doubt in my head about the picture book. So I decided to go to the library and check if the book was available there. I thought it shouldn‘t be too hard to find it. They have hundreds of picture books there. (read on…)

Scrooge McSchnitzeljagd

Oh, I so understand this writer. I often have problems and interests that I have to research about. Thomas Dörflinger sent me this link, that is really interesting. It is about the German name of Scrooge McDuck, Dagobert, and what it means. It digs really deep into history and stuff. Thanks to Thomas!!!

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Follow the little red UFO

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