Where the wild books are

Saturday is my favorite day in the week. No school, no work, just spare time. Some of this time I always spend in our local public library that is just bout 5 minutes by foot away from my apartment. The other I day I borrowed the movie „Where the wild Things are“. I heard about this movie when it was released last year and I heard about the original picture book it is based on. Well, I loved this movie, it is a typical Spike Jonze movie!!! Great stuff. I knew that I knew the original book from somewhere an then I remembered that there was a short spoof scene of it in a certain Simpsons episode. But I had a small doubt in my head about the picture book. So I decided to go to the library and check if the book was available there. I thought it shouldn‘t be too hard to find it. They have hundreds of picture books there.

Well, the computer system told me, that the book was available twice. One seemed to be among the other picture books, and one one them had just been returned and was on its way back to the shelf. So I browsed through the picture books. The thing is, that the picture books aren‘t sorted alphabetically. They are just put into boxes randomly so that the kids can just take and read them in the kids reading and relaxing corner that also is there. I guess kids decide differently which book they wanna have. I think they just see the cover and decide whether they like it or not.

Well, the computer system said one issue was still available so I started to browse 4 × 2 rows of picture book. Let me say it this way: you tell me what topic you want to read to your child, I can tell you which book you should buy. I searched for one and a half hour. But it had a good point: I found many many books I remember from my own kindergarten time. Like Pony, Bear and Appletree, Frederick, Der Maulwurf Grabowski (I don‘t know the English title) and others. Believe it or not, I had almost borrowed them to read them at home before sleep. I had tears in my eyes because I had so many good memories about this books. Of course in instantly read them. I am 25 and I‘m so happy that this books still exists and kindergarten kids can still experience them. But I still didn‘t have the book I wanted.

I once again looked into the computer system and checked. In the mean time I saw a young girl (well, she was cute, about 18 years old, ginger hair, sweet face, wore a nice perfume… erm…) , maybe a trainee or such, who was putting back books into the shelf. As soon as she was done I started looking for the book the nth time and finally found it. I read it in about 2 minutes, it has only 24 page and consists mostly of picture. I guess it’s because of this why they call this stuff „picture books“… I was exhausted and pissed… But I knew where I saw the characters before: I also read this book when I was in kindergarten.

A lot of the stuff in the movie wasn‘t in the book. Of course there are many elements that expand the universe only briefly shown in the book. But there is one scene that should not have been in the movie: Carol ripping off an arm of another monster. At least the stuff coming out of his body looked like sand or wool, maybe it was the filling of a stuffed animal. But the movie was rated 6 in Germany and even though they are monsters and do things kids and adult people normally don‘t do, I don‘t think it was suitable for kids in the age of 6. It rocked anyway!!!

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