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Happy to You Log Pony!

I must make a confession. I love the Powerpuff Girls. But you will agree with me. Sometimes it is more than meets the eye. TRANSFORMERS!!! … uh… no. For the first time I saw the Powerpuff Girls in the Saturday morning cartoon reel in the late 90ies. I was confused… How could something that female, that sweet, that colorful and bright rock so much?!?!?!

The basic concept of the series is: 3 super powered kindergarden girls save the world from evil. The combination of the design that is inspired by classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons of the 60ies, a special sort of humour not suitable (and yet not understandable) by kids and a mid-90ies Drum‘n'Bass Soundtrack this series still makes this show to one of my alltime fav cartoon shows. Looking back to last week when I wrote about Astro Boy, the Powerpuff Girls even share some similarities with him. Astro Boy also looks rather innocent but is a born fighting machine. (read on…)

More Releases on Bandcamp

I just uploaded two albums to Bandcamp. First of all the latest MM vs. FoX album „Working Title“. Unfortunatly with two tracks less than in the original release. The remix of „Running Robot“ by Darklime will be released physically later this year. And I couldn‘t find the master WAV of „Working Title“ this morning. Maybe I will add this song, when I have :)

Then a small but nevertheless great EP we released in 2009 as far as I remember. „ektodermis/ektodermis“ originally was released on Pixelmod Records, but I wanted to give it a better platform. you know this whole Pixelmod project didn‘t turn out the way I expected. Well… anyways, ENJOY!!

Follow the little red UFO!!!

Tweakological Techniques

I just can‘t believe that I got rid of this. It is out, finally. I wanted to test Bandcamp and what shall I say? I don‘t understood what I did but it works. You can reach my stuff there via I‘m going to release more stuff there soon, for example the last MM vs. FoX release „Working Title“! But here it is *drumroll* Tweakological Techniques!! Listen!

Rust in Peace

Normally it doesn‘t mean any good when Americans lay they hands on original Japanese stuff. Maybe you heard that James Cameron is planning to do a live action version of „Battle Angel Alita“ which actually is my favorite manga series. I am terribly afraid that Mr „I make shitty films and earn millions with them“ Cameron ruins it. In 2009 20th Century Fox released the new Astro Boy CGI movie. Completly produced in Hong Kong but planned, written and directed by Americans. I just saw this movie for the first time this morning and I was curious how they realised it.

I see that the work of Sam Tezuka, the creator of Astro Boy and Kimba, is really important for many people in the USA. I mean, not only was Astro Boy the first anime TV-series ever, but also the first anime series to run in the USA. I know both Astro Boy, Kimba and even Speed Racer from my childhood. But „Speed Racer“ is best example for a classic anime series that was flawfully made into a live action movie. The Wachowski brothers thought they could make it great because their matrix trilogy worked so well. Well, even though there are many German actors in this movie, basically the chimpanzee is the best one in this movie.

But I wanted to talk about the Astro Boy movie. Why do I always lose focus??? Must be my non-functional brain :D Anyways, I was a bit suspicious. Could this work… Astro Boy is an all time classic. First of all it was a good decision to make a CGI movie and not a live action movie. I mean, there are so many CGI movies out there. I will cover that topic in a later article. And god knows, Astro Boy totally drowned among them. Til I saw the DVD in the library yesterday, I had totally forgotten about this movie. No question that I had to borrow this movie!!! (read on…)

What happened to Fix & Foxi???

Looking back in German comic book history you will only find really few sucessful comics. One of them would be Fix & Foxi. I recently stumbled upon a special releas that was made by Germanies biggest yellow press newspaper BILD. BILD put up a series of 12 books containing many popular comic book heroes such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, the new-age Avenger Duck and even Detective Conan as the only manga in this series. This books are from 2005 and were sold weekly for about 10 Euros. But you still find rests of them when you look around carefully, I have 5 from that 12 books, all bought within the last year. Fix & Foxi were one of them, too. But something in this book confused me. (read on…)

I‘m Korean, but that’s OK!

I‘m totally into Asian movies. Not only Eastern but also Horror and Science Fiction movies. Here in Germany we have a movie publisher for Asian movies. Or let me say it like this: this company releases the movies from Asia nobody else dares to release because they are too weird. This label is called „Rapid Eye Movies“. They have a big catalogue with animes and live action movies. The last movie I saw from that catalogue was „I‘m a Cyborg, but that’s OK“. (read on…)

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