I‘m Korean, but that’s OK!

I‘m totally into Asian movies. Not only Eastern but also Horror and Science Fiction movies. Here in Germany we have a movie publisher for Asian movies. Or let me say it like this: this company releases the movies from Asia nobody else dares to release because they are too weird. This label is called „Rapid Eye Movies“. They have a big catalogue with animes and live action movies. The last movie I saw from that catalogue was „I‘m a Cyborg, but that’s OK“.

Hell, was this movie weird. It was directed by a guy called Park Chan-wook. Seems that every second Korean has the family name Park. This movie basically is about an asylum with lots of nuts people. There is this girl called Young-goon who thinks she is a cyborg. She finds a friend in a boy called Il-soon who can steal abilities from other people. Of course that all is not true and everything only happens in the minds of Young-goon and Il-soon. But the pictures they create are awesome. When Young-goon turns into a cyborg and start to shoot the doctors… I couldn‘t believe my eyes. But the best thing was the girl with the mirror. Don‘t know what’s her name. Boy, boy, boy, is she cute. And she sings German Volksmusik in Korean… really weird but cute. And she looks a little like a Chobit with her cap.

A thing I really like were the credits in the beginning of the film. Instead of just inserting them in the picture with a computer, they added things like the name of the director or the director of photography and whatever on signs, labels of machines or even duct tape. Really good. I mean, the movie is weird and often the images take your breathe away. And if you think that it explains anything you are so wrong. The end is even weirder than the whole movie because it just makes no sense at all. But the movie itself doesn‘t make any sense… In an interview featurette even the team states that they didn‘t understand what Park Chan-wook wanted to say with it. Well, if there is a sense then that you can get happy and lucky even though you are mentally ill. So I can also still have some hope :D

And this stupid slip joke reminded me of the Angry Beavers. „Your underwear says Wednesday? Thats strange. Mines say October!“

Follow the little red OCTOBER!!!

Wasn‘t that a submarine???

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