What happened to Fix & Foxi???

Looking back in German comic book history you will only find really few sucessful comics. One of them would be Fix & Foxi. I recently stumbled upon a special releas that was made by Germanies biggest yellow press newspaper BILD. BILD put up a series of 12 books containing many popular comic book heroes such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, the new-age Avenger Duck and even Detective Conan as the only manga in this series. This books are from 2005 and were sold weekly for about 10 Euros. But you still find rests of them when you look around carefully, I have 5 from that 12 books, all bought within the last year. Fix & Foxi were one of them, too. But something in this book confused me.

It seems that a lot of effort was taken to make this release special. Just to compare: for the new-age Avenger Duck they just took the first three issue and reprinted them. Not too bad because you can‘t get the original books anymore. Alexandra Kauka… well no, I have to explain who Rolf Kauka was before I come to his widow. Rolf Kauka not only created Fix & Foxi but also many many other characters and sort of invented what you could call the first German funny comics in the tradition of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. He hired lots of artists from other countries. The most notable would be Massimo Fecchi who nowadays draws Disney comics for the Italien market. Well and the story of Fix & Foxi is a story full of mistakes and wrong decisions (please note that I wrote that word correctly for the first time of my life :D ) There were ups and downs in the numbers of sales and the comic magazine was stopped and restarted quite often. Then in 2000 Rolf Kauka died and Alexandra Kauka took over the management. So when I bought my personal first issue of Fix & Foxi in 2010 I was confused to see the picture of that old lady in the editorial. I wondered if women that had plastic surgeries that went totally wrong were allowed to scare kids in comic magazines… According to Wikipedia people aren‘t even sure if she was born in 1940 or 1950… but I guess that 10 years don‘t matter that much.

For this release Alexandra Kauka and her team picked out the comic stories themselves which was a goo idea in first place. Also there were many editorial notes. That is something Alexandra Kauka seems to love. Yesterday I had some quick looks into the 45 and 50 years anniversary books of Fix & Foxi at the public library where she also had to say lots of totally unnecessary stuff. In one editorial article in the BILD book Alexandra Kauka mentioned that there would be a Fix & Foxi movie coming to cinemas in 2007. I tried to remember if there was a movie… well not that I was interested in Fix & Foxi much in the last 25 years that I‘m on this wonderful blue planet. But believe me, I had noticed a Fix & Foxi movie. I even quite regularly watched the TV-series if nothing better was on… I mean, I bought this book at a supermarket like 2 weeks ago. We have 2011 now… Where is this movie Alexandra Kauka promised??? Of course I asked Wikipedia to solve this problem. It says: A movie is planned for many years and they still look for a way to finance it… I mean, it was 5 years ago that this book was released and Mrs Kauka made that statement, 3 years ago the movie should have been in the cinema. What went wrong???

I tell you what: Fix & Foxi are OUT!!! Who cares about Fix & Foxi? When I have a look at the comic shelf in the newspaper shop at the train station I see like 5000 different Disney releases. Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Hanna Montana, Lustiges Taschenbuch, gosh there is even a regular Cars magazine. Some levels higher there are Spiderman, X-Men, Justice League and whatsoever. I mean, I don‘t even actually remember if there is still a Fix & Foxi comic magazine among those others. Kids don‘t want them. They don‘t work.

I see this problem from two points of view: The first is the comic fan itself who likes all sorts of comics, no matter if they are from Germany, Belgium, France, America, Italy or whatelse. From this point it is a shame that a native German comic book series doesn‘t work anymore in Germany and that comics with original American characters, that aren‘t even produced in America anymore but in Italy and Scandinavia, are soooooooo huge on the market.

But the other point of view is the little kid in me: I grew up with Donald and Mickey. As a kid I only read Fix & Foxi when I was in the waiting room at the doctor. I never owned a Fix & Foxi comic myself. I had the Micky Maus Magazin with this cheap plastic toys at home. I knew about the existence of Fix & Foxi but this was that. I guess if would go out onto the street and ask the next kid I meet whether it knows Fix & Foxi it would say „no“. After that its mother would come to beat me down and call the police. „Do you know Fix & Foxi?“ – „No!“ *umbrella on the head* erm… yes…

I don‘t know. Maybe it is time for Fix & Foxi to go. They should be able to go in honour, maybe with a BIG Best-of series with comics in album-format.

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4 Antworten auf “What happened to Fix & Foxi???”

  1. 1 Marleen 16. Januar 2011 um 13:13 Uhr

    Good read… Now do something on Yps :D

  2. 2 franco 11. März 2011 um 22:37 Uhr

    Where can I subscribe Fix & Foxi Magazine?

  3. 3 MM 12. März 2011 um 18:22 Uhr

    Hi Franco, though you used a fake email-adresse: I checked it and it seems that the magazine again was canceled end of last year. That explains why I can‘t find it in stores anymore.

  4. 4 barto 18. April 2011 um 17:40 Uhr

    hm, für fix und foxi konnte ich mich nie wirklich erwärmen…die haben mich immer an die knax-hefte von der sparkasse erinnert!!! :-D

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