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I am Korean, but that’s still OK!

After the article about the movie „I‘m a Cyborg, but that’s OK“ I got encouraged by many readers to write more about Asian movies. Well I tried, really. I watched „The Eye“ 1 AND 2. But they were boring. So no article about them. Then I took a fast look into the TV guide. You know, I don‘t watch no TV anymore. But from time to time I take quick looks into the program to check what is running atm. Around Eastern the program on private TV channels is always really bad. And it happend to be that Pro7 did a monster and sci-fi night around Eastern. One of the movies that were running that night was *tadaaaa* THE HOST. And no joke I borrowed that movie like just the day before from the public library. So here is THE HOST!!! (read on…)

Comic „throughanother“

Oh man, this week was weird… One morning before school I went to the newspaper shop at the train station. It is on my way to school and because I was busy in the afternoon I wanted to buy some magazines and comics in the morning. You know, in the morning I am a little… how to say it… well, out of this world. Everything I wanted to buy was the current Perry Rhodan and the latest Donald Duck. When I arrived at school I had some time left and wanted to take a short look into the Donald Duck book. I grabbed into my bag and was surprised. I didn‘t buy the latest Donald Duck, I bought the latest Bart Simpson… How could that happen? I mean, the Donald Duck book had a green cover and Bart Simpson doesn‘t look like a duck at all… At least the book had a poster, that now hangs on my apartment wall. (read on…)

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