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Oh man, this week was weird… One morning before school I went to the newspaper shop at the train station. It is on my way to school and because I was busy in the afternoon I wanted to buy some magazines and comics in the morning. You know, in the morning I am a little… how to say it… well, out of this world. Everything I wanted to buy was the current Perry Rhodan and the latest Donald Duck. When I arrived at school I had some time left and wanted to take a short look into the Donald Duck book. I grabbed into my bag and was surprised. I didn‘t buy the latest Donald Duck, I bought the latest Bart Simpson… How could that happen? I mean, the Donald Duck book had a green cover and Bart Simpson doesn‘t look like a duck at all… At least the book had a poster, that now hangs on my apartment wall.

Then yesterday almost the same situation. I bought a whole bunch of comics and magazines. Two Perry Rhodan books (the current weekly issue and the new Perry Rhodan Extra with audio book etc). I also bought the latest issue of „Im Netz von Spider-Man“, I don‘t know what the original US title of this series is. Maybe „In the Web of Spider-Man“ or so. There are so many different Spider-Man series out there. The last two issues had a series that I really liked and I wanted to read the third part: „The Gauntled“. In this series old enemies of Spidey gain new powers and strike back. I wondered why I couldn‘t see the logo of the series anyway but I didn‘t mind actually. Until I saw the preview of upcoming Spider-Man comics. The third part of „Gauntled“ was in the regular „Spider-Man“ series, that came out the same day as the book I had in my hands… Gosh, I was pissed… I think PANINI does this on purpose. So people that are unsure might buy both books. The first two part in the one series, the next parts in another… this is stupid… I mean, the German books contain stories from different US-series anyway. Normally an X-Men book contains stories from „Uncanny X-Men“, „New Mutants“ and whatsoever. So German issues always are more like a collection to bring together a storyline instead of seperating them in like 4 different series. But PANINI at least could be consequent enough to stay in one series that brings a storyline. That’s like Disney or Ehapa would bring the first 6 episodes of Don Rosa’s „Times and Life of Scrooge McDuck“ in Micky Mouse and then the rest in Donald Duck.

I mean, the stories in this book were awesone. So it did pay off. And in fact I wanted to go to the comic shop during the next days anyways. Now I even have a reason. I should buy my comics there anyway. But the newspaper shop at the train station has the advantage, that it also is opened on Sundays. I already mentioned that in an earlier post. Well, the next time I will open my eyes and look more carefully, when I buy comics.

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