I am Korean, but that’s still OK!

After the article about the movie „I‘m a Cyborg, but that’s OK“ I got encouraged by many readers to write more about Asian movies. Well I tried, really. I watched „The Eye“ 1 AND 2. But they were boring. So no article about them. Then I took a fast look into the TV guide. You know, I don‘t watch no TV anymore. But from time to time I take quick looks into the program to check what is running atm. Around Eastern the program on private TV channels is always really bad. And it happend to be that Pro7 did a monster and sci-fi night around Eastern. One of the movies that were running that night was *tadaaaa* THE HOST. And no joke I borrowed that movie like just the day before from the public library. So here is THE HOST!!!

You know, the main problem even of modern monster movies is, that they don‘t show the monster! Often you have a monster movie with no monster!!! The Host is different. You see the monster at full scale with all its details within the first 15 minutes. The movie is from 2006 and the effects are great. Maybe because the VFX are supervised by Kevin Rafferty who also worked for Jurassic Park, MIIB and one of the newer Star Wars movies. The Orphanage (the VFX company) also worked for The Day After Tomorrow (lame), Superman Returns (even lamer) and Pirates of the Caribbean (one of the best movies ever made!!! I can‘t wait for part IV).

Anyways, here is the story. The movie starts in an American military lab stationed in Seoul (that is in Korea, just in case you might not know that). The American lab leader orders the Korean employee to fill all the toxics, that have a little bit of dust on them, into the sink. This sink directly leads into the river Hangang. It comes as it always comes. The toxics create a mutated fish monster, that goes postal of course. It eats many people on a camping side and takes the youngest member of the Park family, that has a small store there, the girl named Hyun-Seo away to eat her later. At least everybody believes that she is dead. So the family is very sad of course and what not.

Her father Gang-du receives a phone call from Hyun-Seo and knows that she is not dead. So he, his brother and his sister (names don‘t matter, ask Wikipedia) start to search her and to fight against the monster. What comes up now is a kind of movie I have never seen before: a wild mix of a monster/horror movie, a family-drama and comedy. On the back of the DVD there are some statements different magazines made about this movie. The British Empire had this formula:

Little Miss Sunshine + Alien x Godzilla = The Host

I am sure they were talking about the US-version of Godzilla cause the monster ressembles it a little bit.

Additional to all the different elements and genres the movie contains many many jokes about the media and how the average people is manipulated by TV and especially the news.

Now I have to talk about the DVD itself. Well, I know a lot of awful DVDs that hardly contain any bonus features, no subtitles and so on. When it comes to animes or other Asian movies, I watch them in German. Even though I prefer to watch movies in their native language. But I want to understand what the characters are saying and not only read the subtitles. But on this DVD there were both the German and the Korean audio tracks. Two thumbs up for that! And there are a lot of bonus features about the making of the film. Well… I mean, this movie is a US-American and Korean co-production… I have no problem to understand the English stuff… But the cast, most of the production team and who not is Korean. And with the missing subtitles it gets hard for me to understand what those people are saying. That annoys me a lot.

Summary: Awesome movie, shitty DVD!

Follow the little red UFO!!!

PS: I tried to find some paralellities to the weird Cyborg movie. Well, the guy that directed „I‘m a Cyborg, but that’s OK“ Park Chan-wook (like every second family in South Korea is called Park) and the director of „The Host“ Bong Joon-ho are both in Korean Democratic Labour Party. This was your life!

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