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I just love the new version. You must know I only use MODPlug Tracker to rip my modules from XM to WAV. Ever since I installed the new version 1.19 I just love this program. It does so much great stuff, the old version I had (version 1.17) didn‘t do. For example it now has the function to rip modules not only track by track but also instrument by instrument. Awesome. Now I can produce material for remixes much easier!!!

Something I noticed by accident was, that MPT also puts in markers into the ripped wavefiles at each beginning of a pattern. There surely is a point to that… I guess it is good for live-performances when you want to jump around in your arrangement. Modern audio-programs like Ableton Live or so can do such stuff. There’s no further need for me cause I rip the stuff to WAV and load it up the internet.

I don‘t know how MPT works as a tracker, cause I still use MadTracker 2 for tracking. But some years ago I heard that Linde was using MPT. Maybe he also switched to MilkyTracker, I dunno… Anyways, great program at least to rip stuff from any module-format to WAV!!!!

You can find more information on the OpenMPT website MODPLUGERONI!!!

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