When Halo first came up I was like 14 or so. I was not a gamer but I was interested in videogames though. I used to buy a monthly PC gaming magazin simply called „PC Games“. It still exists btw. This was the first time I read about the Halo universe. And actually the last time. But I found that concept of a FPS in this futuristic setting on a giant halo in space quite interesting. But then Halo was moved from PC to Microsoft’s new gaming console XBox. When it comes to consoles, I was and still am a Nintendo-fanboy. So buying another console and one even done by Microsux was a no-go! Even though Halo was a game that really digged me in a certain way.

The other day I stumpled upon the „Halo Legends“ DVD. After „Batman: Gothic Knight“ and „Animatrix“ it is the third attempt to expand a universe with animes. Fortunatly all three attemps were a success! I mean, I could write a long text about all bits in „Halo Legends“. But I will only write about the bit done by Toei Animation: „Odd One Out“. I laughed my ass off!!!

It starts with Spartan-1337 falling off a transporter and landing on a strange planet. The first encounter he makes are three kids that seem to come directly out of a funny anime-series like Dr. Slump or so. These kids have a giant cartoon T-Rex which is their pet animal. The leader of the Convenant sents out a new biogenetic something called Pluton. Pluton is a dumbass. The whole bit is more like a spoof of Halo. It is Halo mixed with Dr. Slump and Dragonball. Daisuke Nishio, the director of this bit, even was a director of the Dragonball-series. And I didn‘t get the name of the guy but the character designer on „Odd One Out“ was the main character designer of Dragonball. Even in the director’s comments they talk about all the similarities to Dragonball. Later in this bit two characters appear: Big Sister and Big Brother. Both of them look like characters from DBZ: Sister looks like a mix of Videl and C18 and Brother looks like the Future Gohan. And surprise, surprise! They fight just like them. I really laughed my ass off.

But in the end it left me with a little tear in my eyes. „Odd One Out“ showed me how Dragonball or DBZ could look like if it was produced nowadays. I mean DB and DBZ are classic anime series. DB started in 1984, even one year before I was born. So if you watch this show today, you recognize the age of it. I always dreamt of a continuing of the saga in a modern form of animation. Everything we got was that stupid Dragonball Kei thingy where they just cut down all the episodes to a more watchable length. There is a great joke: How many DBZ characters do you need to change a light bulb? Only one but it takes 11 episodes!

Anyways, I am sure, when I was familiar with the Halo games, this DVD would be even more fun, but it is already awesome this way!

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