New Tom & Jerry Comics

I already wrote a short comment at FB but I want to talk about this topic a bit more here because it sort of moves me. Anyway: The other day I stumbled upon this comic book at a super market and wondered if it was new. I immediatly doubted the sense of it a lot. I mean… hey it is Tom & Jerry… I was sure that this characters wouldn‘t work as a comic. But I was curious so I bought the book. Also I was attracted by the gimmick, a whoopie cushion. … NOT!!! I mean, I am 26 years old now. When I want to read comics, I don‘t need no silly toys!!! But I wanted to give the comics a chance.

Well, back home I had this book laying on my nightstand for about a day. Then I packed out the whoopie cushion just to find it broken. No whoopies… well I can make better ones my own anyway… *cough* Well, than I opened the comic and just found two lame stories… And the most distracting thing: the characters were all talking… Everybody: Tom, Jerry, Tuffy… all of them. They were even talking to humans. Very weird.

In the cartoons they were never talking to each other. To make it more attractive to kids, the German version even had a narrator who commented on the actions in form of short and funny rhymes. Never editions of the classic cartoons don‘t even have this narrations anymore and just show the blank cartoon violence.

Well, as I already thought Tom & Jerry do not work as a comic. What really bothered me was the price: 2.95 € for 32 pages of comic and a broken whoopie cushion… phew. When I buy an issue of the DDSH (Donald Duck Sonderheft) I get lots of comic pages more, some editorial articles and a readers mail corner with further information. This T&J comic was too thin, too stupid and no I will not buy another issue. Oh, wait, there was some editorial stuff: a stupid fart joke at the second page…

Follow the little red WHOOPIE CUSHION!!!

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1 Antwort auf “New Tom & Jerry Comics”

  1. 1 barto 07. Juni 2011 um 14:19 Uhr

    also ein furzkissen ist schon irgendwie ein kaufgrund! ;-)

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