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(Not exactly) Oreos

I love Oreos. I LOVE‘EM. One of the best things that ever came from the USA to Germany (besides Britney Spears‘ vagina photos) are Oreos. I can spell it: O R E O S A R E A W E S O M E

Yesterday I went to the supermarket to get some cake, cheese and cereals and when I came to the cookies, I saw this Oreo-like ones. Well, let’s wrap it up a bit: While I am writing this I have only one of 25 cookies left (and I‘m watchin „Live Free Or Die Hard“ for the first time and it ducking rocks). They are called Black5, I dunno why at all. Maybe because they are packed just like Oreos with 5 cookies each in one pack. And basically they taste a bit better than the original Oreos. Well, better is the wrong word. They taste different… How to say… Maybe they fit the German taste a bit better than the original American cookies. I mean, it even says „American recipe“ on the package but I think that they have been adjusted to the German taste a bit.

The most important thing: there are more cookies in the pack, and the Black5s are a bit cheaper than Oreos. They are a great alternative if you are sick of capitalistic American cookies :D

Follow the little black COOKIE!!!

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