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New EP: Per Aspera Ad Astra

OK, here we go. It has been some time since I released a serious piece of music. This is serious. 8 tracks, somewhere in between of electronic and chipmusic. The topic of it is >>SPACE< < and I hope that I met it with all tracks.

Funny it is also the first time for many years that I applied at a label to release it. And like it was with "Tweakological Techniques" I already expected to have a looooooooong search. I mean, eventually I gave up and released "Tweakological Techniques" via Bandcamp. But I wanted to have this new release on a proper label. I applied at exactly one label. PXL-BOT. And they accepted me eben though the thing wasn't even fully done at that moment. Anyways, here you go: DOWNLOADERONI

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