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It’s Gnaria, with a silent G

I wanted to write about the new Narnia movies for a long time actually. It first started when I first saw the original BBC serial of „The Witch, the Lion and the Wardrobe“ or so. I found it on DVD for just a Euro. And I really love the way the BBC made the books into this TV-show. I knew it from my childhood. I loved this show when I was a kid. I guess when they first got aired in Germany I was like 6 or 7. Must have been in the beginning of the 1990ies or so.

Well I had not seen the new Narnia movies so I tried to borrow them from the library one by one. Often they have the new stuff really late so it took me until this week until I finally saw the latest one. The first thing I noticed, it was not done by Disney anymore. While the 20th Century Fox intro was running I already sung (without knowing anything about the 3rd Narnia) something like „This movie will suck, it’s not done by Disney, la la la la, and 20th Century Fox is 75 now, happy anniversary!“ I had no idea how right I was. I mean the CGIs are cheap and everything actually looks like a big-budget TV movie. At least the movie featured all known actors. Even this ugly girl who is less ugly now!

I mean, you often hear, that license takers are forced to do movies even if they don‘t want to just to fulfill certain contracts. It often happens. So they take some money, put in the least effort they can and you name it. It is really a cheek because the first two Narnias really rocked my balls off. Especially the first one was outstanding compared to the BBC serial.

Well I wanna say it with the words of the horse in the Rem & Stimpy show: „No, I do not like it!“

Which mansion? Aaaaah that mansion, you should have „mansioned“ it!

Follow the little red UFO!!!

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