Recently I bought both Hulk movies. You know, they first let Ang Lee do a Hulk movie starring Eric Bana as Bruce Banner! It was a good first approach to the matter of the comic. I like the overlapping comic-panel-like frames showing different characters and they reactions and actions simultaneously. And in the end, the first Hulk is much more comic-y than the second one. That also means, that the story is also a little stupid. It is a good action movie with a lot of great fighting scenes.

When MARVEL started to develop their Avengers-Universe, they relaunched the Hulk „franchise“. Basically I never was too sure if you could already call it a franchise with only one movie. But the second Hulk movie starring Edward Norton (SMALLERTHANTHREE) actually fitted everything I knew about the Hulk-comic even more. I admit that’s not much and I know most of it through the 1990ies Hulk cartoon series. The second movie features a great villian (Abomination), better worked out supporting characters (Betty and the General) and a nice cameo of Hulks archenemy The Leader, which was shown in the moment of his „creation“. The movie’s less comic-y but also lacks a bit of… bite.

Actually I‘m not quite sure which one of them is the better movie. Each of them has their pros and cons. If you wanna see a comic-y action movie, you might prefer the first movie, if you like a more realistic approach (and it is hard to talk about realism in this case) you might like the second one better. Additionally the second movie goes directly over to the upcoming Avengers movie which is coming up THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOHOOOOO!!! Reminds me that I still have to watch Thor and Captain America. But I have to wait until the DVDs are a little bit cheaper. I don‘t like watching movies in German dubbing in the cinema.

But I also wanna look back a bit further. There was a live action TV show with Lou Ferrigno starring as the Hulk in the… uhm… late 1970ies or so. I saw this show for the first time somewhen in the 1990ies in German TV and it sort of distracted me. The effects were cheap, the actors also were and somehow the Ferrigno-Hulk didn‘t look like what I expected. I didn‘t see Ferrigno onscreen for a quite long time. He later had a small supporting role in „The King of Queens“, playing himself. (Arthur: „You won‘t believe it, Superman just moved in next door!!!“)

In the upcoming Avengers movie we will see again another Hulk! This time he is played by Mark Ruffalo. When I heard about this I was like „Who the hell is Mark Ruffalo?!“. I actually haven‘t seen any of the movies he had bigger rolls. I only noticed him in „Where the wild things are“ (amazing movie!). But only as soon as I knew that it was him. I‘m curious how they gonna portrait Hulk there. As far as I understood the second movie, Bruce Banner is able to control Hulk much better. He even said „Hulk Smash!“ I can‘t await this movie :D

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