Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Batgirl!

Well, I wanna add something to my last blog post about the New 52. Um… maybe it is not as bad as I thought. First of all I found out why Barbara Gordon can walk again:

One of the Joker’s goons called the police and told them where Barbara was. So Gordon didn‘t find her laying on the floor after he was „raped“ by the Joker but she was found much earlier and could be saved from beeing paralyzed.

What do I think about this in the end? Hmm… I dunno. I mean DC has completly changed their universe many times in the last decades beginning with „Crisis on Inifinite Earths“ in 1985. So this event is nothing special. They even already released new #0 or #1 earlier. For example after the „Crisis in Time“ event in 1994. And they always came back to the original numbering later. Here’s an add released in „Zero Hour: Crisis in Time #0″

When I started reading this story I started at #0 and noticed I was doing it wrong when I thought back to „Countdown to Final Crisis“ which also had to be read from #52 to #0.

In the past events they always changed MAJOR things: different origin stories, new costumes, new powers, new earths, deleted earths, kill characters, bring back characters! THEY! OFTEN! CHANGED! FUCKING! EVERYTHING! Flashpoint seems to have changed only details. And those details, like the phone call the Joker’s goon made, changed the characters and/or major things. And I really like that approach! Often nobody knew about even the biggest changes after the last events. Now we have at least the Flash who remembers what happened before the reboot. He’s the only one remembering everything. This is quite interesting when he meets people he knew before the reboot and who are now different. So he really has to deal with that, while everybody else does not seem to know what was going on. I can‘t wait to finally experience one or two series myself when the reboot hits Germany.

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